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Submitted by Jay Artale on March 15, 2017

New ebook: “Freewriting for Travel Writers”

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As a travel writer you can’t rest on your laurels – you need to craft your words to inspire, entertain, inform and educate your audience. It doesn’t matter whether your readers are planning a trip or are an armchair travellers, you owe it to them to use freewriting take your travel writing from one-dimensional to engaging.

Although free writing is used extensively by fiction writers, it’s also an extremely useful tool for nonfiction writers.

No matter what type of writer you are, sometimes you’re going to to struggle with how to start a new chapter of your book, or get in the right head-space to write your next blog article.

Freewriting helps you brush away the lateral thinking cobwebs and forces your mind to rely more heavily on your creative side.

Why I use free writing as a pre-writing technique:

Writing travel guides and nonfiction books is a very left-brain exercise. There’s lots of research and fact-checking to be done, and then there’s the structural organization of the content. All of these activities rely on lateral thinking, which are left-brain activities. But your your words also need to leap off the page to connect with your audience. In order to achieve this you need to create content that evokes an emotional reaction in your reader.

It is all too easy to get stuck in an educational or informational rut when writing nonfiction, but as soon as you tap into the inspirational side of a topic, you’re creating content that is no longer one-dimensional.

I use free writing in a variety of different scenarios to achieve different end results, and this book explains the basics of free writing, and how you can use this popular writing technique to improve your travel writing.

This book introduces you to the concept and approach for freewriting, so that you can put it into practice straight away. Learn when to use it and how to overcome the challenges travel writers face. I show how you can create your own travel writing prompts, but have also included a list of 100 travel writing prompts to inspire your next freewriting session.

Just because you write nonfiction, doesn’t mean you can’t write creatively. So make today the day you invest in your writing career to improve your writing and increase you ability to reach more readers.

“I liked the tone and felt it very easy to connect with what you Jay is saying; her writing style is very fresh and engaging. I also had the sense that I was listening to a credible expert speak about something she truly believes in. The book is well organized and I like the fact that she has taken a practical approach to the subject.”