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Submitted by Debbie Young on February 21, 2017

Free Reads for Smart Women: Instafreebie Promotion (24-28 February)

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Twelve women writers, all Author Members of ALLi, are collaborating on an innovative cross-promotion using the new InstaFreebie service. The group’s objective is for each author to grow their own mailing list by attracting the kind of readers that will relate to the event’s title, “Free Reads for Smart Women”.

The promotion will run for a limited time, from Friday 24th February until Tuesday 28th February. During this period, readers are welcome to download any or all of the twelve books – one by each author – absolutely free of charge via Instafreebie’s distribution service, in return for subscribing to the mailing list of the author of each book they choose.

For ease of reference all twelve books are displayed together on a single landing page hosted on novelist Helena Halme’s website. The twelve authors and their books are:

A Greater World – Clare Flynn
An Unknown Woman – Jane Davis
Wolfsangel – Liza Perrat
The Book – Jessica Bell
An Oxford Vengeance – Lorna Fergusson
The Crystal Cage – Merryn Allingham
Inceptio – Alison Morton
Bridge of Sighs – Laura Morelli
Raw Material – JJ Marsh
Song at Dawn – Jean Gill
The Englishman – Helena Halme
Marry in Haste – Debbie Young

Working together to promote the event intensively for its duration, the authors should gain significant exposure to new readers and grow their mailing lists more significantly than if working in isolation.

While this event is open to the general public, fellow ALLis are warmly invited to help themselves to free books of offer – it’s a great opportunity to see the system in action and to judge whether it might be something that might work for their own book marketing.

NB In order to make joining author mailing lists a requirement in return for the free download, the authors have opted to use Instafreebie’s paid-for “Plus” plan ($20 per month, with a 30-day free trial).