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Submitted by Olaf Bryan Wielk on March 3, 2017

Free Coaching Sessions For Fiction Authors at Leipzig Book Fair

by Admin on March 3, 2017 in will be holding free coaching sessions for fiction authors at the Leipzig Book Fair 2017.

To apply for a session, submit your story outline by the 18th of March 2017, and you will stand a good chance of winning one of eight coaching slots of forty minutes each.

The makers of will advise you about your story structure to help you make your plot more dramatic and your characters more engaging – in person, live at the book fair. The help will focus on how you want to develop the material, whatever the genre or format.

How to Enter

Outline your story as a Beemgee project. It doesn’t matter whether you do this with a free project (you can try Beemgee free at or with a premium account. Your outline must have:

• A working title
• At least thirty event cards + their descriptions > complete Step Outline
• Three characters – two of them developed with the character tool, 50 % total progress

Send an e-mail including the project link and your name to: Alternatively, send the e-mail directly out of the web-app using the share function.

The free coaching sessions will take place on Friday 24th March 2017 in the afternoon and on Saturday 25th March in the morning within the Leipzig Book Fair. The winners must be attending the Leipzig Book Fair. The prize does not include fair tickets or travel expenses.

The sessions are being held by Beemgee in cooperation with the author school Schreibhain in English or German.

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