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Submitted by Claire Wingfield on February 25, 2017

Creative Writing Guide ’52 Dates for Writers’ Now in Paperback

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Claire Wingfield’s creative writing handbook 52 Dates for Writers has just been published in print, following its launch as an e-book in 2013 and its digital serialisation with the Pigeonhole book club since 2016.

Ideal for those teaching creative writing or writing fiction themselves, this inventive creative writing guide will take you away from your desk, encouraging you to return with new ideas, fresh insight, better writing skills and a renewed passion for your story.

Each suggested activity is accompanied by practical exercises to help with writing, revising and editing your work.

This book contains:

  • 52 writing dates
  • Over 150 writing prompts and exercises
  • Bonus chapter on editing your work
  • Publishing industry tips and advice
  • Examples from best-selling novels

An innovative writing guide that will be hugely valuable to writers – Scottish Book Trust

Medicine for writers. 5* – Jules Horne

52 Dates For Writers by Claire Wingfield is a must-have guide for writers and it is fun to boot! – Books of All Kinds Book Blog

The genius of this apparently simple book is that it gives you the perfect excuse to leave your desk and have some fun, whilst still being productive and working on your book. – Kamsin Kaneko

Wingfield gives you an amazing range of things to do and try, as well as ways to approach your writing that go above and beyond the usual advice dished out in books about writing.

If you’re a new writer looking for new ways to find ideas, or an experienced writer wanting a new way to approach your storytelling, you’ll find a lot of value in this book! – Icy Sedgwick