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Submitted by Mala Naidoo on February 26, 2019

Chosen Lives

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Resilient women from troubled pasts are internationally head-hunted by a secret Mission for a leadership training program in Thailand. An hour after departure the flight veers off course to a luxurious unknown destination.
Patience, a social worker, and Ming a school teacher, along with scores of other women are cut-off from outside contact with the world. Doubts begin fester among the recruits when the mission’s leader appears to be deceptively gracious and militant– trust is compromised and tension escalates until the personal testimony sessions begin. The Mission’s values, ‘Truth, Understanding and Compassion, (TUC), and the intimate truths revealed on past wounds suffered, force Patience and Ming to reconsider their criticisms of others. From Canberra to The Hague, the initial interest in the missing passengers dwindles with rising speculations on gender politics at play.

Are the passengers victims of a terrorist organisation under the guise of humanitarian pursuits? A novel with the promise of a New World Order amidst the fear of today.