New Book: Corruption of Power

by ALLi Editorial on December 12, 2015 in ALLi Events

Corruption of Power

Independent troubleshooter, Alex Leksin, is recruited by President Karpev when the plan to reduce Russia’s reliance on an ever more hostile Europe is put at risk. Hell bent on territorial expansion, the President’s strategy is first to shift the markets for his country’s energy to the East. Failure could mean catastrophe.

Against a background of political corruption, state-sponsored terrorism and increased Taliban insurgency, Leksin’s investigations take him from Moscow to Turkmenistan, one of the world’s most sinister countries, right at the heart of Central Asia. Wherever Leksin goes, someone tries to kill him; people in a position to help him are assassinated; and information turns out to be misinformation.

And when at last he discovers the truth, he’s no longer sure whom he can trust.

Genre: Thriller

Format: Paperback and Kindle ebook


“This is the most original and well-crafted thriller I have read all year.” (Lambert Nagle, author)

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