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Submitted by Rachel Thompson on April 10, 2017

BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge: How to energize your book sales in a month

by Admin on April 10, 2017 in

Are you unsure how to market your book? Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of author platform options out there (or not even sure what the term means)? Do you wish someone could break it down for you in simple steps?

Then this is the book for you! Buy it NOW.

“5 Stars! “From the hidden worth of Twitter to the creativity of YouTube, and everything in between, Ms.Thompson effortlessly turns a perceived behemoth of intimidation into a comfortable but dynamic marketing routine.”
~Joel R. Dennstedt, Readers’ Favorite

“Described by many in the writing industry as a genius in social media, Rachel Thompson discusses several strategies which are often overlooked when an author is trying to get their book noticed. Spaced out over four weeks, you are given a step-by-step run-down on the right and wrong way to go about achieving higher sales.”
~Rosie Malezer, Readers’ Favorite