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Submitted by Amie McCracken on December 29, 2016

Amie McCracken Launches Debut Sci-Fi Novel: Emotionless

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In Amie McCracken’s debut novel Emotionless, Elias is a changeling, a man without hormones, emotionless.

Emotional Modification Therapy has made logic and reason powerful, but new information questions the validity of the process. Elias has no desires. It wouldn’t be natural. Until a woman, Aloisa, walks into his lab at the hospital and unfamiliar cravings overpower him.

Aloisa’s husband, Jordan, is convinced that the monetary reward for becoming a changeling will be enough for Aloisa to live lavishly. Against her wishes, he leaves. She knows why; she refuses to let him disappear. She would much prefer love to money.

In pursuit of Jordan and freedom, Aloisa and Elias are both on the run from the government. Their paths intersect, and their true connection becomes clear; Elias’s emotions return with a vengeance.

But will they be allowed to survive after all they’ve been through?