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Submitted by Daccari Buchelli on May 8, 2017

5* for YA Fantasy novel Phoenix from Readers’ Favourite

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British Fantasy novelist Daccari Buchelli released his début novel this week to accolades from the fastest growing online review site, Readers’ Favourite. Phoenix, a unique fantasy novel filled with drama, conspiracy, and magic was released on 30th April 2017, receiving a 5-star review from the industry accredited A+ site.

5 stars.

Reviewed By Gracie Bradford for Readers’ Favourite

In Phoenix by Daccari Buchelli there’s plenty of action, lots of mythical and magical twists and turns. The setting occurs in Peradon, a once united land of religious faith with four ruling families. Somewhere in the plot a division takes place, creating the Earth Realm, the Flame Realm, the Frost Realm and the Air Realm. Each realm takes on a life of its own. One has to read the book to understand the diabolical differences in the people and world of each realm. I found the Frost and Flame Realms to be the most fascinating. If you want to read about a ruthless father, let me introduce you to Emperor Jugan who used his powers for evil versus good. The main character, Violetta, is torn between two handsome, on edge, sexy gentlemen, bringing the love angle into this mythical journey.

I generally do not read a 397- page novel, but this fantasy had enough suspense that kept me turning the pages. The poem at the beginning of the book – “Lady Arsonist” by Alex Scrine – lends a nice touch, stimulating the curiosity of content. Each of the 29 chapters tells a story that draws the reader into the role of the character. Each scene is riveting, with descriptive and vivid language. I had to read the entire book to bridge the title with the content, which keeps the reader engaged, wanting to find answers. Although a fantasy novel, it introduces into the plot a strong love story of evil versus kindness. Each character has the power to manipulate some aspects of the seasons, something which I think takes a remarkable mind to craft this story.