I am Dolphin

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“Deep within the oceans and in our subconscious lies the “dream of humanity”… feelings of connectiveness and being a part of something bigger than ourselves.”

Beneath the waves of holographic communications is the evolutionary power of dolphin communications.

It is often said, that one of the most important skills to have and develop is “communications.”
Cultures, societies, and relationships are depending on the value of this commodity.
Like water is to life… moving, sustaining, and transforming.
Right now is pivotal in history. We, in our modern world are traveling on the fast track of cyber-conversations, advanced technology, and telecommunications.
Yet, what if we had the chance to learn from the world’s experts on holographic communications, connectivity in living 3D?
Would we all be game?

Are we willing enough to go beneath the waves, into another world of buoyancy and breath?

In I am Dolphin, the 2nd book of The Divine Series, you’ll discover how dolphins and other nonhumans are sharing connectivity just like us, and so much more!

By combining 7 different sciences, music, and the language of silence, we’ll embark on an aquatic journey of magnetism, love, and hope by engaging in the dolphin wave.

A whole new world is waiting…
without force, without manipulation, the ocean is offering their story to those who have ears to hear, and hearts to follow.
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