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How Are You Coping? #indieAuthorChat Twitter Chat

How are You Coping? #indieAuthorChat Twitter Chat

Last week on the ALLi Twitter chat (#indieAuthorChat) we asked the question “How are you Coping?”. The ALLi Twitter chat starts 8pm UK time on Wednesdays (that's 3pm EST and noon Pacific Time) under the hashtag #indieAuthorChat and lasts for an hour. We ask questions and people answer on Twitter. The tweets below are only the questions and answer tweets not every tweet on the chat. The topic of this chat was how are you coping?

This Wednesday we have questions about to getting your author business back on track with Rebecca Wood.

(Did you miss the summary of last week's Twitter chat with Honorée Corder? You can find that here: Selling Books in Bulk with Honorée Corder)


Author: Timothy Lewis

Tim Lewis is the host of the Begin Self Publishing Podcast and writes science-fiction and fantasy under the pen name Timothy Michael Lewis.


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  1. I’ve mostly been feeling very cold and sleeping a lot. It turned out that’s just a form of anxiety I haven’t recognised. As for writing… I missed all the deadlines I set for myself last year, smugly saying “for once, all those are realistic – what could go wrong?” I did not predict an apocalypse. So the second book is… yeah… coming. Soon. Ish.

    Same as Dan Holloway, I live with mental illness. I was just about to start very intense and necessary therapy when suddenly the *gestures vaguely* began. Yet the spring is gorgeous here, I love the peace and quiet… Sometimes it feels like everything is fine and I’m just lazy. Sometimes it feels like we’re all going to die, so I might as well finish writing the book first. There are times when I get lost in writing and times when I can’t even read. I’m that “this is all fine” meme, only sometimes it’s turned upside down.

  2. It’s always good to see how people can overcome adversity and look for the positives of any situation. particularly during the current pandemic that we’re all facing around the world.

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