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Choosing A Self-Publishing Partner: Helpline Event

Choosing A Self-Publishing Partner: Helpline Event

Self publishing writer Ben Galley

ALLi Self-Publishing Services Watchdog, Ben Galley

Self publisher is a bit of misnomer. No indie is an island, we work with copyeditors, designers, typesetters or may hire a publishing service that provides it all.

But how to choose?

At our October helpline event, Choosing A Self-Publishing Partner, we'll answer all your questions on choosing a self-publishing service.

Our watchdog advisor, Victoria Strauss, will talk about “bewares” for self-publishers — vetting editors, avoiding overpriced marketing services, carefully reading providers' Terms of Service, and so on.

BONUS CONTENT: In addition, our newly appointed Self-Publishing Services Watchdog Ben Galley will present research he has been doing for ALLi into some of the main service providers, and also answer your questions.

It's so easy to attend an ALLi helpline event.

At the time in question, go to the link: http://www.shindig.com/event/selfpublishing, insert your name and email address and voila, you are in the chat room, where you can hear and interact with the speakers.

We will have ample time for questions about your personal situation

See you there.

You can sign up on EventBrite to let us know you're coming.


17/10/20128pm (gmt); 3pm (est); noon (pst)Online @ http://www.shindig.com/event/selfpublishingEventbrite: http://selfpublisherbeware.eventbrite.com/


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  2. I’m quite fortunate, in that I’m also a graphic designer and a web developer, and I have a very good (if somewhat technical) copyeditor and proofreader.

    But if we’re to extend the island analogy, I’d encourage people to rely as much as is practicably possible on their own skills, to continue their toil in isolation (which is good practice for those times when you have almost no choice), and channel your inner autodidact.

    On those occasions where you need to broaden your skills, don’t roam too far, and instead build your own archipelago of suppliers and partners.

    I say this not just as an author, but as a business owner since 1999.

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