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Publishers and Services to Beware

Self-Publishing Watchlist for December 2018

ALLi’s Self-Publishing Watchlist highlights companies whose complaints are on the rise. We monitor these companies carefully, and upgrade or downgrade their ratings as circumstances change. This month, we examine two substandard publishers who specifically target Christian lit and authors. Companies that cloak themselves in the mantle of religion are nothing new, but they’ve found a […]

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Better Business Bureau

Is the Better Business Bureau Promoting Bad Business?

The Better Business Bureau was founded in 1912 as an independent watchdog, and for many years, it served a vital role in exposing deceptive business practices and scams. Consider Author Solutions, widely regarded as one of the most notorious exploitative vanity presses in the industry. By 2010, the Better Business Bureau had amassed volumes of […]

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What do you do when your relationship with a publisher sours?

When Your Publishing Relationship Sours

At ALLi’s Watchdog Desk, we frequently hear from authors whose publishers aren’t living up to expectations. While substandard vanity presses like Author Solutions and Austin Macauley are the most common source of this author discontent, complaints about independent publishers are plentiful. Some of these publishers are unqualified. Some are understaffed and overwhelmed with the extensive […]

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