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Self Publishing Writer Ben Galley

Choosing A Self-Publishing Partner: Helpline Event

Self publishing writer Ben Galley

ALLi Self-Publishing Services Watchdog, Ben Galley

Self publisher is a bit of misnomer. No indie is an island, we work with copyeditors, designers, typesetters or may hire a publishing service that provides it all.

But how to choose?

At our October helpline event, Choosing A Self-Publishing Partner, we’ll answer all your questions on choosing a self-publishing service.

Our watchdog advisor, Victoria Strauss, will talk about 

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Why Indie (For Me) Means NOT Having A Publisher

Steena Holmes recently wrote a post for this blog explaining how the great thing about being indie, for her, was having the freedom to have it both ways: to self-publish or trade publish, as it suits her. Here Dan Holloway explains why the step into trade publishing is one he won’t be taking — ever. 

We are increasingly hearing about the hybrid model, with authors deciding for which books and in what ways to engage publishers and/or agents, who then become partners, singing to the author’s tune.

Whilst I have to say a part of me wonders if there aren’t some elements of utopianism creeping in, it is certainly true that many agents and publishers are starting to change the way they view their relationships with authors. And I certainly think what writers are doing, taking the reins – or at least setting out to – in these relationships, is fabulous, and definitely in the indie spirit.

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What Does The Agreement Between Google and AAP Mean for Indie Authors?

Google and the Association of American publishers (AAP) have reached an agreement in a move that is likely to have implications for all writers. So where does it leave indies?  

Seven years ago, the U.S. Authors Guild (AG) and several major publishers took an action against Google for its unauthorized scanning of in-copyright books, claiming that such scanning was a violation of copyright, as  Google were not seeking permission from the rights-holders to create a new book format.

Google argues that such scanning isn’t a new format but fair use of an existing format.

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Alliance Of Independent Authors Self Publishing Survey

Self-Publishing Survey

Alliance of Independent Authors Self publishing surveyHelp us to help you.

The Alliance of Independent Authors has teamed up with Dr Alison Baverstock of Kingston University to carry out a self-publishing survey this autumn.

To make it work, we need you to go to this link and answer some questions about your writing and self-publishing.

It won’t take you more than ten minutes to complete and answers will be used to

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