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Is Exploiting Self-Publishing Authors To Be The New Publishing Model?

Is the new business model for publishers to be selling over-priced and under-performing services to writers? That’s the question that needs to be asked as Simon & Schuster (S&S) links with Author Solutions (AS) to run their new self-publishing service, Archway. And same question to Penguin-Pearson, who kicked off this trend with their purchase of AS […]

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Indie author book revews removed

Amazon Reviews #2: Answers To Indie Authors’ Questions About Customer Reviews Policy

ALLi has been closely watching Amazon’s removal of reviews as part of their effort to clean up the customer review system for books. Like most writers and publishers and their organisations, we share Amazon’s objective of regaining readers’ trust in the customer review process. This is not an insignificant challenge in the face of the serious abuse […]

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NYT bestselling author and ghostwriter Joni Rodgers

Amazon Is Censoring Self-Publisher’s Reviews says Indie Author and Bookseller, Joni Rodgers

Long before I was a writer, I was a voracious reader. I enjoy excellent work in every genre. PR reps, editors and publishers frequently ask me to blurb, review and blog about their books, and over the years, I’ve done dozens of reviews in a number of venues, including Amazon. As part of its sweeping […]

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Alliance of Independent Authors FAQ

Am I Eligible to Join ALLi? We have four grades of member, from Associate to Professional. Full details are available on the JOINING PAGE. What Is An Independent Author? At ALLi, “independent” is an inclusive description and always relative (everyone needs help to write and publish well). Some of our members are fiercely indie-spirited, as DIY as it’s possible to be. Others […]

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Amazon Removing Indie Author’s Reviews. Self Publishers: Tell Your Story Here.

At the Alliance of Independent Authors, we largely support Amazon’s work to clean up the customer review system for books, which was/is being seriously abused. From our perspective, the most important issue is that readers can trust customer book reviews and we are closely monitoring the situation. Some of our members stories about the removal […]

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Self-Publishing Young Adult Fiction: An Indie Authors Guide to YA Success by SR Johannes

According to Galley Cat, the most current American Publishers Association research suggests there has been a 41% percent increase in children’s and young adult sales for the first ½ of 2012, followed by adult fiction at 8.5%. Since the boom of Harry Potter over a decade ago, the children’s market has been growing at a […]

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W8-BEN Form reclaim form. Self-publishing authors reclaim your US Tax

Self-Publishing From Outside USA: How To Reclaim US Tax on Indie Author Royalties

If you are a non-US author, your royalties from your US book sales will be subject to a 30% withholding tax until you complete the necessary paperwork to claim exemption. And we know how you just love paperwork. Never fear, Karen Inglis makes it easy, with her step-by-step guide.  Update April 2016: THE INFORMATION BELOW IS NO LONGER […]

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