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Writing and Editing Tools for Self-publishing Indie Authors

Welsh indie author Karl Drinkwater shares his thoughts and recommendations on the many writing and editing apps and tools available to help self-published writers make their work the best they can be. Intuition and human experience combine in successful writing and editing. However, just as chess software can analyse thousands of options per second, software […]

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ALLi Insights NaNoWriMo Is Over Now Publish Your Novel Video and Podcast

Now Publish Your Novel Did you take part in NaNoWriMo last year, and now have a finished draft in front of you, and are thinking “Now What?” You’re not alone. Did you know that nearly half a million writers signed up for NaNo in 2015? That’s quite a jump from 1999, when Chris (the founder […]

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Writing: On Coming Out as a Writer

When Mari Howard performed this poem at the recent Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival, it immediately chimed with the other authors in the room and elicited sympathetic but kindly laughter from the readers in the audience. Many thanks to Mari for allowing us to share it here for other indie authors to enjoy on this Writers’ […]

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The secrets to self-publishing YA books successfully: S.R. JOHANNES

In 2014, Young adults were up over 20% and adult sales were down 3%. Young adult books are hotter than ever. Many think YA books dumb down or are easy to write. But this in not the case. Teens today are smart and we authors write for them. YA books have challenges in reaching readers […]

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Opinion: Are New Self-Publishing Platforms Killing the Editing Process?

Are traditional editing services an endangered species, or do we bypass them at our peril? Indie author Yen Ooi debates whether modern self-publishing platforms killing the editing process or are encouraging writers to be better editors. Type Here. Click Publish. Share Link. What’s next? How about self-publishing your book chapter-by-chapter, or even as you write? […]

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