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Joe Cawley, travel writer

How I Do It: Successful Indie Authors Share Their Secrets. This Week: Travel Writer Joe Cawley

As his second memoir of his life in Tenerife is published, award-winning travel writer Joe Cawley shares the secrets of his success as a self-published writer – which includes the surprising tip of talking to his cutlery each morning! What’s the secret of your success? Getting engaged. Nothing to do with sparkling jewellery and bended […]

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Alison Morton with her debut novel

Reaching Readers: Raise Awareness of the Launch of Your Second Book With a Cut-price Promotion of Your First

To raise the profile of the impending launch of her second book, self-published thriller writer Alison Morton gave its prequel an extra promotional boost. Here she explains why and how, and shares her strategy’s pleasing results. Last month, I decided to increase interest in the imminent launch of Perfiditas, book two of my Roma Nova […]

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Dan Holloway, indie author and performance poet

How I Do It: Successful Indie Authors Share Their Secrets. This week: Dan Holloway

The conversation around successful self-publishing too often revolves around sales. Today’s super-successful indie is Dan Holloway,  a beacon for literary values in a commercial age.  Here he shares the secrets that have made him a success in the only terms that count: his own. What’s the secret of your success? For me, success comes when […]

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Christine Nolfi headshot

How to Reach More Readers: Get Your Book Listed on BookBub

Book recommendation websites can be a valuable tool to help you reach more readers. One of these, the free subscription service BookBub, sends readers a free daily email of recommended reads, discounted and tailored to suit each subscriber’s personal reading preferences. ALLi author member Christine Nolfi, who uses BookBub very successfully to promote her novels, […]

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Barbara Freethy, the best-selling self-published novelist

How I Do It: Successful Indie Authors Share Their Secrets. This week: Barbara Freethy

“The best thing you can do for yourself and your growing fan base is to write the next book,” advises the self-published prolific novelist Barbara Freethy, an established New York Times #1 best-selling author with 35 novels to her name. What’s the secret of your success? Focus! I know that’s an intangible answer, but it’s […]

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Photo of the writer Darcie Chan

How I Do It: Successful Indie Authors Share Their Secrets. This week: Darcie Chan

“Be confident in your work, but first make sure your book is your very best work,” advises Darcie Chan, whose debut novel The Mill River Recluse sold over 650,000 copies and appeared in the New York Times bestsellers list for 28 weeks. What’s the secret of your success? Truthfully, I’m still trying to figure that out! […]

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Photo of the author Steena Holmes

How I Do It: Successful Indie Authors Share Their Secrets. This week: Steena Holmes

“Surround yourself with other indie authors who are reaching for the same things you are,” advises award-winning novelist Steena Holmes, whose novel Finding Emma has sold over 100,000 copies and earned her a three-book deal with Amazon. What’s the secret of your success? My readers. They fell in love with Finding Emma, a book I […]

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Photo of the sci-fi author Eliza Green

How To Choose The Right KDP Categories: Increase The Discoverability Of Your Self-Published Books

Indie author Eliza Green shares her personal experience of improving her self-published book’s discoverability  on Amazon by strategic choice of categories and keywords. Selling books on Amazon isn’t easy but improving your book’s discoverability will be a great help. On Amazon, discoverability begins and ends with categories and keywords. These two things can help readers […]

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