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Beginners’ Self-Publishing Salon Podcast: Being a Part-time Author w/ Michael La Ronn & Jay Artale

Michael La Ronn and Jay Artale extoll the virtues of the indie author triangle of success: the right mindset, effective writing tools that work for you, and a consistent support network. In this podcast they share how to use these three elements to create a strong foundation to build your indie author goals upon.

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Kinda Andy Orna

Trends, Tips, and Tricks for Authors and Self-Publishers: Q&A: Andy Bromley, Orna Ross, Kinga Jentetics

INDIE AUTHOR FRINGE: From the International Self-Publishing Programme at Frankfurt Book Fair, three Directors of services (Robin Cutler from IngramSpark, Orna Ross from The Alliance of Independent Authors and Kinga Jentetics from PublishDrive) that handle thousands of authors answer questions from an audience of authors. Chaired by Porter Anderson.

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Does Facebook Advertising Really Work For Books? The Facts: Michael Alvear

INDIE AUTHOR FRINGE: The more we can find out about the performance of other indie authors’ Facebook ads, the more we all stand to gain. Michael Alvear, author of Make A Killing On Kindle, is gathering firsthand experience of Facebook advertising from authors all round the world. Here he presents an interim report on his […]

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