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SelfPub3: Author Business Campaign

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SelfPub3 is a concept and a publishing era defined by the concept: that any author (with the requisite skills) now has the means to establish a sustainable and scalable business.

It is also a campaign from the Alliance of Independent Authors (#selfpub3.0) that works with authors, readers, literary organizations, and creative industries to support independent authors in acquiring the three necessary skills: writing, publishing and creative business.

The SelfPub3 era, the era of author enterprise, began around 2018. In this era, writers are moving beyond exclusively signing all rights to a single 3rd-party publisher, or exclusively self-publishing with one platform or service, into true creative and commercial independence.

This short book outlines both the concept and campaign and aims to explain to self-publishing authors why SelfPub3 is important, the tools and techniques driving this trend, and how to take part in this movement that is enabling authors in more number than ever before to earn a living from writing and publishing books.

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