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The Author Heir Handbook: How to Manage an Author Estate and Look After a Legacy

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Author Estate Handbook: A Guide for Your Heirs

Managed properly, an author's books should make money for a long time after death. But if you’re responsible for managing an author estate, you might be feeling this legacy more as burden than gift.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The Author Heir Handbook is a concise guide that will help you overcome frustration and overwhelm by explaining how an author's publishing business works, how the deceased author books can still generate income, and how to manage those components.

This book will help you:

  • Take an inventory of all the author's works, with an easy template
  • Determine which online accounts the author used and how to access them
  • Manage the money
  • Get hired help when you need it (and how to avoid scams)
  • Keep the author's books relevant for new generations
  • Avoid making mistakes that could cripple the estate
  • Create income for you and your family, as the author intended

Managing an author estate does take work, but this book will save you countless hours.

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