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Quarterly Creative Business Planner

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Writing and publishing are complex tasks. To succeed as an indie author, you must write well and consistently publish in a way that fulfils reader expectations. You must also make a profit so everyone—including you—gets paid enough to justify the time invested. This can be a challenge but a good publishing can make help stack the odds in your favor.

In her book, Creative Self-Publishing, Orna Ross draws on years of experience, both as a working author and a director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, to design a tried-and-tested planning method for authors and poets who want to self-publish well. Its lessons can help any writer launch higher-quality books, sell more copies and reach more readers.

Now she has created this quarterly planner to guide you through the process, step by step.

Do you want to create a slick author-publishing operation where every part connects in a logical way? This planner is the answer. What’s more, its process will teach you how to enjoy the work, not just on the days you publish a book but every day of every quarter.

This Series Can Help You:

  • Plan and achieve creative and commercial goals following a method that has helped thousands of indie authors
  • Optimise your time management and finances thanks to success tools including monthly overviews, habit trackers, work-life balance logs and simple money systems
  • Overcome creative blocks with mind maps and f-r-e-e-writing exercises
  • Replace overwhelm and procrastination with planning processes and clarity
  • Set more effective success measures to aid your happiness and avoid comparisonitis
  • Spend more time enjoying your work and less time fretting

This Planner Will Help You:

  • Set creative intentions and realistic goals that you can achieve within three months
  • Review your real progress over a monthly or annual basis
  • Make better decisions regarding how to spend your time to produce more profit, products, pitches or whatever you prioritize
  • Become a better novelist, poets, nonfiction writer or publisher working in any genre
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