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Writing: Turning a Blog into a Book with “Indie Authors Naked”

As a fervent blogger with a passion for repurposing blog content, I’m always on the lookout for blogs that have been transformed into coherent stand-alone self-published books. When I discovered “Indie Authors Naked”, a riveting set of interviews with successful indie authors I was keen to interview the author, Loren Kleinman. The book’s launch next week […]

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Writing: Advice Videos on ALLi’s YouTube Channel

When looking to increase their knowledge about self-publishing, many indie authors instinctively turn to the written word via blogs or books. But there’s also plenty of valuable audio-visual material freely available to ease your self-publishing journey, starting with ALLi’s YouTube Channel. Why Use Audio-Visual Resources? Audio-visual media provide: a welcome break from your computer keyboard […]

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How To Make the Most of ALLi Membership #2: Write A Guest Post for Our Blog

This month’s top tip for how self-published and indie authors may make the most of their ALLi Membership comes from Debbie Young, Commissioning Editor of ALLi’s blog of self-publishing advice. This blog is, of course, visible to the general public, and you don’t have to be a member of ALLi to benefit from reading it. But two […]

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Debbie Young with Hugh Howey

Opinion: Spotting The Elephant in the Self-Publishing Room

ALLi’s blog editor Debbie Young, who co-authored the organisation’s latest handbook, “Opening Up To Indie Authors”, speaks out about what sometimes seems taboo in the self-publishing community – the fact that there are so many poor quality self-published books. Now and again, when in conversation with members of the book trade, I’m conscious of a […]

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Writing: Are Writers Born or Made?

How and when did your journey as a self-published writer begin? As a child, were you “always reading”? Did you fall in love with language at an early age, or find you naturally had a way with words? And did your muse arrive only in adulthood? British novelist Mari Howard posed these questions of ALLi’s […]

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Opinions: Self-published Authors’ Thoughts on ALLi’s Second Birthday at the London Book Fair

A round-up of ALLi members’ personal posts about their experience of London Book Fair 2014 Readers of this blog who live outside the UK may be forgiven for wondering why ALLi members have been getting so excited about last week’s London Book Fair, because it is, after all, just one of many major publishing trade […]

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ALLi Book Launch: Opening Up To Indie Authors

A post to celebrate the successful launch of ALLi’s new guidebook, Opening Up To Indie Authors, written to help self-publishing authors engage effectively with all parts of the publishing trade, and to encourage the publishing trade to recognise and value the ever-growing quality, scale and importance of the indie sector Having co-written ALLi’s new guidebook, […]

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