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Australian Author Survey: Macquarie University

Australian Author Survey: Macquarie University

Calling all Australian authors, whether you're an Alliance of Independent Authors member or not, Macquarie University wants to here from you. They're running an Australian author survey and need to hear from Australian authors.

Please note the survey closes on the 27th May 2022, so there are only a couple of days left to fill it out. 

Melissa Addey, Organization Member Manager

Melissa Addey is calling on all Australia authors to take a moment to complete Macquarie University's author survey.

“Gathering data on indies is often difficult as our data gets mixed in with traditional publishing statistics or even disappears due to various factors, such as some self-published authors not using ISBNs (and ISBNs anyway not indicating how something is published). Also, sometimes our experiences are not gathered when a broader view of authors is wanted. So we always urge our members to take part in useful surveys such as this one, to make sure that indie author voices, experiences and needs are heard within the wider publishing industry. Thank you for taking the time to do this!”
Don't forget, the survey closes on the 27th May 2022, so time is of the essence. 
To complete the survey, please visit this weblink.


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