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Alliance Of Independent Authors Members’ Showcase. Bulletin #104

Alliance of Independent Authors Members’ Showcase. Bulletin #104


Every Saturday ALLi will tell the world about our members' latest book launches, news, awards, freebies, workshops and updates on the writing life and take a look at the projects and businesses of our partner members.


104elliecropEllie Stevenson

Shadows of the Lost Child

Audience: Anyone interested in reading a (free, signed) copy and print

Goodreads Giveaway – 3 signed copies of Shadows of the Lost Child Closing Date 21/02/15.
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Shadows of the Lost Child is a partly historical mystery with a time travel twist. Would children crying keep you awake? Especially if the children were dead? A haunted house, a man with a past and a girl called Alice who can cross time. Then Alice meets Tom who lives in the past and the past and the present begin to collide… with fatal consequences. This is a ghost story, and a tragedy that happened over a century ago. And a mystery. Can you solve it? Inspired by the legends of York.

Some Amazon Reviews ‘Mysterious and haunting, this book is a real page-turner …' (Sammy) ‘Really enjoyed this atmospheric story. Plot kept me hooked with its mystery, ghosts and time travel. Lots of things going on to keep you interested.' (Jilly) Yes

104FriendGriefMilitaryFrontFnlVictoria Noe

Friend Grief and the Military: Band of Friends

Audience: Adult readership, civilian or military/veteran Paperback and ebook

Friend Grief and the Military: Band of Friends is the fourth book in the Friend Grief series. It has earned an honorable mention in the Non-Fiction, Non-Traditional category in the 2014 Chicago Writers Association Book of the Year Awards.

In Friend Grief and the Military: Band of Friends, you'll read stories of men and women, including non-combatants, who struggled with grieving the friends they lost in battle – and how they found ways to honor their memory.

As a civilian, I felt a deep obligation to accurately depict the men and women in my book who are grieving their friends.

Retired Major General James Mukoyama (US Army) and president of Military Outreach USA, a group pledged to help veterans dealing with moral injury, called me late one night. “I just finished your book,” he began. “You get it.” That, to me, meant more than any 5 star review.

Amazon US   Barnes and Noble   Kobo

104steamSamantha Warren

The Steam Wars

Audience: Readers of fantasy and steampunk

The discovery of electricity changed the world. But some fear what it might bring.

When a contingent of steam-powered enthusiasts band together, the Steamers and Electros soon find themselves locked in a battle, not just for power, but for the fate of all mankind.

Choose your side in this new series by Samantha Warren.

104ACTRESSKeith Dixon


Audience: Mainstream readers -ebook and print

Keith Dixon's novel Actress is already the recipient of an Awesome Indie award. Now the book has been made a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree.

This coveted award means that the book has passed through a rigorous sifting process and has achieved a standard of excellence on a number of criteria including Plot, Writing Style, Characters, Copy editing and Dialogue.

Actress is shortly to appear in a Chinese translation, and Keith Dixon's Sam Dyke series of crime novels are currently being converted into audiobooks, with the first book, Altered Life, approaching completion and due to go on sale soon.

Amazon UK   Barnes and Nobel   Kobo


Some Enchanted Noir

Audience: Fiction-Noir/Hard-Boiled – ebook

This short story tribute to the Noir and Hard-boiled genre and era of Vin Packer (Marijane Meeker), Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler crime writing comes with an O. Henry twist.

Two women, one a detective, the other an apparent felon and fugitive from the law, strike up an edgy romantic relationship that leaves one of them short a thousand dollars. But that’s not the problem, is it? By the time she finds out the whys and wherefores of Roberta Blue, Detective Delores “Duke” Avante is also missing a big piece of her heart.

Makes losing a grand look like good news.

Amazon US   Barnes and Nobel  Kobo

104aliensJohn Bird

Control of Enemy Alien Civilians in Great Britain  1914-1918

A study of Britain’s treatment of enemy alien civilians during the First World War by Dr John C Bird, is to be published in early March 2015 by Routledge, one of the world’s leading educational publishers.

The hardback book, and an accompanying ebook version, are part of the Routledge Revivals programme, which the company says is designed to provide ‘an opportunity to discover past brilliance and purchase out of print and unavailable titles by some of the world’s most eminent academic scholars.’ Each of the selected titles is from the backlist of firms in the Taylor and Francis publishing group.

A paperback version of the book is scheduled for publication by Routledge in 2016.

‘I feel privileged to be published as part of a programme which includes such distinguished thinkers and writers as Emil Durkheim, Max Weber, Max Beloff, Sir Andrew Motion and Malcolm Bradbury,’ said Dr Bird, ‘and, given the subject of my book, I am pleased that its reissue coincides with the hundredth anniversary of the First World War.’

Amazon UK

104liverpoolElisabeth Marrion

Liverpool Connection

Annie sang quietly, holding Derek's baby blue cardigan and trying to detect a familiar smell. The same cardigan he was supposed to wear at his christening.

Annie and her friends leave Ireland in 1926 young and optimistic. hoping to find a better life in Liverpool. Only things do not turn out the way they had imagined.

Annie falls in love, marries and starts a family of her own. But with the onset of World War II comes tragedy and loss, testing Annie's strength to the limit. Little does she realise that the salvation of her loved ones lies with a German woman named Hilde, whose live and situation mirrors Annie's own.

Liverpool Connection is the second book of a trilogy and is based on a true story.

Amazon US    Amazon UK

104joeJoseph DeMark

Finding Aaron Laws

Author Joseph DeMark, now 75 years old, says he always wanted to write mysteries. DeMark published his first mystery in 2014, Criss Cross: A Walter Spotsman (Spots) Mystery. With the help of a retired Philadelphia Chief Inspector, he now returns readers to the mysterious and dangerous world of Detective Spots in his new mystery novel, Finding Aaron Laws: A Walter Spotsman (Spots) Mystery (published by Lulu).

Bob and Linda Laws are unable to find their son, Aaron, and are convinced something happened to him. Luckily, they have the case-hardened detective Walter Spotsman, also known as Spots, on their side. Spots’ interest in the case grows when both Bob and Linda are assassinated following his hiring.

Spots vows to find Aaron – dead or alive – no matter the cost. Aaron comes from a middle-class family and is set on making it big in the crime world. With a death wish and cavalier attitude, Aaron lands himself and Spots in a world of violence and deceit as he plummets deeper and deeper into the dangerous world of the cartel.    Amazon US

104harryJoan Fallon

Loving Harry

Loving Harry is a love story. Harry and Barbara were keeping secrets from one another, and now Harry’s new wife has discovered the truth from an unexpected source.

In this family drama we follow the extraordinary reversal of fortunes of two very different women who are connected by their love for the same deeply flawed man.

Available in paperback and as an ebook
Amazon UK


Philippa Rees

Philippa Rees's short story, Nuisance Value, was shortlisted for Narrative Magazine's Winter Competition and has been published as ‘Story of the Week'.

A satirical portrait of a local planning committee's oppression of a destitute couple whose land, if acquired, could balance the books.


Maggie Lynch

Indie Author Prep Workshops

Audience: indie authors – live event

We’ve developed a curriculum that values authors as individuals and builds on each person’s needs and goals for his or her publishing career. Our workshops are intensive, face-to-face, and hands-on. They are built for busy people who prefer to work intensively for a full day and then leave and be able to move forward with their career.

From building a personal business plan to maximizing work output to ensure value and profitably, these workshops provide individual strategies and assistance to support each authors personal indie publishing journey. Workshops are taught in the Portland, Oregon, USA metropolitan area.

“Maggie is a phenomenal resource. My entrance into the self-publishing industry after traditional publishing was an incredible experience thanks to Maggie. She is without a doubt a must know person in the industry of self-publishing.” — Delilah Marvelle, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Maggie’s knowledge of technology and her ability to explain the process in words a non-tech brain can understand has helped me many times.” – Paty Jager, author of the Shandra Higheagle mystery series.

“Maggie Lynch is more than a ‘how to’ teacher. She takes the extra time to thoroughly explain the ‘why’ of important tasks and functions. Consider yourself an insider after taking her classes.” — Courtney Pierce, author of baby-boomer literary fiction Yes


Debbie Young

Special Early-Bird Offer for Kingston University Conference

An event of interest to anyone interested in writing and self-publishing practices and trends, who lives within reach of Kingston University, near London, England Live one-day event at Kingston University.

As part of a great line-up of industry experts and specialists, Debbie Young will be speaking on behalf of ALLi at this one-day conference, organised by

Dr Alison Baverstock, Director of the MA Publishing course at Kingston University.

Book before the end of February using the discount code “Partner” to take advantage of the Early Bird price of £90 rather than £130 list price. Full details of the programme are available via the link.

If you are a member of The Alliance of Independent Authors and you would like to showcase your work on our ALLi Showcase, please  complete the Showcase Form  and send the image to [email protected] to reach me no later than the Thursday proceeding the Saturday you would like it published.


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