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Alliance Of Independent Authors Member News. Bulletin #24

Alliance of Independent Authors Member News. Bulletin #24

Every Wednesday ALLi will tell the world about our members' latest book launches, news, awards, freebies, workshops and updates on the writing life — our #WriterWednesday (#WW) update.

quintDianne Greenlay

I was pleased to be notified that Deadly Misfortune (the second book in my historical series) has been awarded First Place in the Historical category of the LuckyCinda Global Book Awards 2013. The first book in the same series, Quintspinner – a Pirate's Quest, was the recipient of several awards, and will be offered for free (KDP Select) on Amazon, June 21 -25.


LM Fields

From mixed media digital artist, to full time author, LM Fields has had a passion for all things creative since she was born, but her gifts came at a heavy price. Every day she faces the threat of having epileptic seizures. Regardless, she doesn't let this dismal storm dictate her life; her refusal to give up led her to self-publish.

Three published books later, the Dark Seeds series found its home in the Indie Marketplace. LM Fields is busy writing her fourth book, Edge of Abaddon, due to be released this summer, has plans to release her fifth and last book, The Last Sparrow, this winter, and is looking forward to starting the sister series, The Dark Tree Books, in 2014.

Starting in 2014, after the Dark Seeds series is done and after all the novellas have been brought together into one hardbound book, I will start publishing the Dark Tree Books.

25My Books4900

I will also create a different and unique cover design for each book, showcasing a different theme for each character but there will always be something connecting all the books together. My goal is to release one novella every month for 99 cents each. There are more than twelve characters so this could easily span two years! We'll see!

CATCH A CROW SALE -The countdown begins!

At any given moment, within the next twelve hours, an unknown number of Crows are expected to escape the asylum! Don't miss your chance! Grab one of your very own to feed your need for only .99 cents before they all fly away!

Read Crows Hill, the first novella in the Dark Seeds series, and be prepared to be entertained, or just be prepared.

Liza Perrat

A nice surprise to see one of the Triskele Books , Spirit of Lost Angels, shortlisted for the Writing Magazine Self-Publishing Awards in the July 2013 issue.

24lindagilLinda Gillard

Linda Gillard spoke at Publishing: Evolution, Disruption & The Future, a conference held at Edinburgh Business School on June 13th, 2013.

Linda's first three novels were traditionally published. She has since published three new novels and some backlist as an indie. Her talk was called Why I went Indie (and why I'm staying indie.)

After Linda's talk, fellow speaker Mark Coker of Smashwords said, “Linda's success will inspire the next generation of indie authors.”

24JD-IStoppedTime2bJane Davis

I'm Jane Davis, a former winner of the Daily Mail First Novel Award who has just ventured into the world of independent publishing with a double release:  These Fragile Things and I Stopped Time.

These Fragile Things
As Streatham, South London, still reels from the riots in neighbouring Brixton, Graham Jones, an ordinary father, grows fearful for his teenage daughter Judy who faces a world where the pace of change appears to be accelerating. But even he cannot predict what will happen next. A series of events is about to be unleashed over which he will have no control, and the lives of his family will change forever.
I Stopped Time
“Can you think of a really good memory? Perhaps you can see it when you close your eyes. Now, imagine you could take it out and look at it whenever you wanted to!” Turn of the century Brighton. A spark is ignited when wide-eyed Lottie Pye enters Mr Parker’s photographic studio and discovers the new medium that will shape her life, becoming a passion.
2009: Disgraced politician Sir James Hastings has resigned himself to living out his retirement in a secluded Surrey village. He doesn’t react when he learns that the mother who abandoned him as a baby has died at the age of 108: he presumed she had died many years ago. Assisted by student Jenny Jones, who has recently lost her own mother to cancer, Sir James is persuaded to look at the photographs as if he is seeing through his mother’s eyes. And there he discovers an extraordinary tale of courage and sacrifice.

24brophyCatherine Brophy

Free Givaway – June 19th -21st

Once again I’ve been slaving over a hot Internet trying to add widgets to my website connect it with Amazon, connect Burning Bright the paperback with Burning Bright the Kindle and both with my earlier novels.  If you’re just starting the process here’s the rule of thumb:
Five minutes to do it.   Three weeks trying to find out how.

I should add that I’m learning everything from scratch.   Plus I appear to be a slow learner and I’m making every possible rookie mistake – or if you want to go all-over positive, creating every possible golden opportunity for learning!

In between times I’ve been writing guest blogs, and requesting reviews.   I’m still trying to find out how to set up an online launch.   I now realise that I should have done most of this before putting my book on line. And every so often I get overwhelmed and need a little lie down.

Only this morning I found out how to organise a free giveaway so for my birthday June 19th until the longest day of the year June 21st
Burning Bright is FREE to all comers.

 Jessica Bell

I'm really excited to announce that I have another novel coming out November 1st! This baby has been hanging around, whining, for about two years. It's been through the agent hunt rigmarole and experienced a couple of “I'm totally scoring this agent”, moments. But, as usual, it comes shooting out the other end with “They love me, but they don't know how to sell me,” written on its forehead.

Story of my life.

But I'm not disappointed. Why?

Because I get to bring this baby into the world myself through Vine Leaves Press! (Which is now an official, legit, small press now, btw, run by me and Dawn.)
And I'm super excited about it. I won't say too much about it now, except that I'll be getting an ARC prepared for those interested in reviewing one. (If you're interested in reviewing an ARC, just tell me in a comment in this post and I'll write your name on my list.)


Partner Member –The Self-Publishing Experience

Please find below full details of The Self-Publishing Experience.

“From the UK’s most widely-recommended self-publishing services publisher, one of the UK’s leading book printer and the UK’s only dedicated self-publishing magazine comes ‘The Self-Publishing Experience – From Manuscript to Market’ – a day spent with staff from Matador, TJ International and The Self-Publishing Magazine.

Held at TJ International’s factory and office complex in Padstow, Cornwall, on Wednesday July 17th, the Self-Publishing Experience day looks at all aspects of publishing a book or e-book, from editing to design, print on demand to digital printing, distribution to marketing – and much, much more.

The Self-Publishing Experience aims to demystify the self-publishing process, explain what your options are as a self-publisher, look at what you can expect from self-publishing, and demonstrate the processes involved in putting a book or e-book together.  If you would like more information, contact the marketing team at Troubador: [email protected]

If you are a member of  The Alliance of Independent Authors and you would like to showcase your work on our Writers' Wednesdays, please send it it [email protected] to reach me no later than the Friday preceding the Wednesday you would like it published.

Author: Karen Lotter

Writer, photographer, workaholic info-junkie, Wordpress fan, blogger, aging geek, toyi-toying optimist, social media trainer, web writer. www.ethekwiniweb.co.za


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