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Alliance Independent Authors Member News. Bulletin #5

Alliance Independent Authors Member News. Bulletin #5

Every Wednesday ALLi will tell the world about our members' latest book launches, news, awards, freebies, workshops and updates on the writing life — our #WriterWednesday (#WW) update.

TIPE attendees

ALLi in the Alps

Last Saturday saw the kick-off of the Swiss branch of ALLi. The Independent Publishing Event took place on Saturday 26 January in Zurich, hosted by Nuance Words. Fifty writers and service providers in the audience, four speakers on the panel and on the floor, a poodle called Sophie.

Libby O’Loghlin kicked off by illustrating the various opportunities for writers in Zürich and encouraged writers to take advantage of connections.

Joanna Penn gave a dynamic overview of indie-publishing, ebooks and some invaluable tips for success. An amazing powerhouse of ideas and experience, she inspired and enthused the participants.

JJ Marsh spoke about print, why, how and how much, with a particular focus on the situation for Swiss-based writers and the importance of collaboration. Writers need writers. And editors, proofreaders, website creators, photographers and designers/formatters, such as …

… JD Smith, who presented a rock-solid argument for professional cover design and formatting. Her slides spoke volumes. Literally. And never was a concept more clearly illustrated than what she did with Baked Beans.

One final point – made by each speaker: Indie authors are prime targets for scammers, service providers and sharks. Don’t dip your toe in till you’ve checked the water with Writer Beware or Preditors and Editors.

The first Swiss ALLi Meetup is Tuesday 5 February, at The James Joyce, Pelikanstr. 8, 8001 Zurich at 19.00.

Natalie Buske Thomas

Something new. Something blue. Something to hook you.
Bluebird Flown book trailer:


the-little-book-of-dark-talescropW R Armstrong

(We received this letter from Warren Armstrong  and decided to publish it)

I'm thrilled to be a member of The Alliance of Independent Authors. I came upon your organisation by chance, while I was searching for UK literary festivals where I could promote and sell my paperback book of short stories.

At the time, I was becoming increasingly disillusioned. People haven't been finding my website, my ebooks on Amazon aren't being found and bookstores and 95% of media people I contacted about my paperback hadn't bothered to reply, even though I'd gifted complimentary copies of my book to them.

Then, just before Christmas, I happened upon the Alliance, and through the Alliance I found Smashwords, and in doing so, suddenly rediscovered my enthusiasm for getting my work “out there”.

Ever since, I've been spending every spare minute reformatting and re-editing my ebooks and designing new book covers in order to get them accepted onto the Smashwords website, which I am happy to report is now done.

Smashwords is an absolute revelation, and I've got the Alliance to thank. This experience has also changed my outlook on being a self published author. I've gone from feeling like a bit of a literary reject who writes merely as a hobby, to being excited about the prospect of running what really is a legitimate business.

And whilst I accept that self publishing may not turn me into a millionaire best seller, I'm nevertheless enthused by the realisation that it is in my power to get my beloved writing onto the open market for all to see!

Ultimately it will be down to how much I really want it to succeed and whether or not my stories click with the general public that will decide my fate. And maybe a little help from Lady Luck wouldn't go amiss, but as we all know, she is notoriously fickle, so I won't be holding my breath. Enough said I think. Amazing to think this essay started off life as a quick “thank you” message!

I’m Staffordshire based and I write mainly for the supernatural horror market. I’ve had short stories published in Writers’ Forum and First Edition. My alter ego, WOZ, is an artist and cartoonist. My writing and artwork can be viewed by visiting my website.

House of SilenceLinda Gillard

This is a link to a favourable blog review of my first indie book, HOUSE OF SILENCE.

This reviewer doesn't read ebooks and he has waited for the pb to appear before reviewing.

Some of the 33 comments are interesting from an indie point of view – discussing print versus ebook, how to find good quality indie books.

Rebecca Kemp

In Pursuit
Once the doyenne of Long Beach and now a sick old man, Frank’s dying wishes lay in the hands of an overbearing carer. Mike refuses to embrace modern fads like gay marriage, preferring the past when gay men really had something to fight about. John secretly places an ad in The Farmers Journal looking for a companion as his father organises local farmers in political protest.

InPursuitCovOutlineLowResIn a Belfast hospital, Conor confesses to his dying father that he intends to marry his flatmate. Ciarán responds to John’s ad in The Farmers Journal but finds his search for love overshadowed by the search for a neighbour's missing child. The demolition of Ballymun flats forces Scott into making some life decisions, including embarking on an affair that threatens to destroy him. Teenage Traveller Ritchie discovers a glorious world of online dating is just a click away.

From the wind-scrubbed West of Ireland to the manicured lawns of the East, gay men are searching for their place in a modern Ireland. These gritty and confessional stories fuse their characters' voices into forceful narratives, connecting them by a few degrees of separation, an improved road or a new broadband connection.

In Pursuit is a progressive journey built around the universal emotions of love, friendship and the pursuit of happiness and how this can shift over time for us all.

Link to the book on Amazon

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