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Alliance Independent Authors Member News. Bulletin #3

Alliance Independent Authors Member News. Bulletin #3

Every Wednesday ALLi will tell the world about our members' latest book launches, news, awards, freebies, workshops and updates on the writing life — our #WriterWednesday (#WW) update.

paintingsandpoemsLyndon Pugh (Paintings and Poems)

We've just released a small paperback of poems and watercolours, details as attachments. The book is available from Amazon, local booksellers or direct from [email protected]

This beautiful little book serves up slices of Wales, offering a quiet sense of some of the history and the landscape of the country through both paintings and poems.

Evelyn Pugh is the artist in this partnership. Her watercolors allow us to visualize the wider Welsh landscape as well as selected individual elements of it. While all of her illustrations are vibrant, her obvious talent comes forth when she focuses on the smaller subjects, like flowers. They nearly emit a fragrance, they're so real.

Lyndon Pugh is the poet here. His succinct free verse conveys the spirit behind the scenes in as few words as possible. He routinely hints at something lurking beyond or almost haunting the background. Occasionally additional information is included in order to further explain the sites and stories.

Otherwise, Lyndon's texts and Evelyn's images create a solid contrast. Evelyn's use of vivid colors can evoke calm or pleasant sensations, while Lyndon's thoughts and memories are often deeply contemplative, to the point of even being dense and dark. As an example: On a single page, Evelyn's beautiful and intricate red carnation is juxtaposed against Lyndon's tribute, “Death of a Friend.” It's an interesting and telling choice of pairings.

More than two dozen paintings and two dozen poems appear in this 30-page paperback. Sometimes the paintings and poems match up and go together. In these cases, I have to wonder: which one came first, the painting or the poem? Sometimes each person's creativity is permitted to flourish without a contribution or interruption from the other one. I hope this duo will continue to be prolific, both individually and as a team.

Paintings & Poems is much more than the simple title suggests. Printed on high-quality paper with full-color reproductions, this offering is suitable as a gift for anyone who likes paintings, poetry, nature, Wales or something to think about.

Visit the Pughs' website
Evelyn & Lyndon Pugh – Paintings & Poems (Drovers Press, 2012 isbn 9780957431911)
Contact [email protected]
Reviewed online by Corrine H Smith 12th Jan 2013


WCBD - Ellie StevensonEllie (Stevenson)

Watching Charlotte Brontë Die: and other surreal stories

Seeing a ghost is bad enough. But what if the dead woman's Charlotte Brontë?

And there's more.

Simon thinks Caro’s his only problem. Until she buys an old sofa.

Lori and Sally were good friends. But sometimes friends can share too much.

Ghostly happenings, death and destruction, a few twists and unexpected endings. All part of the mix in Watching Charlotte Brontë Die: and other surreal stories.

Nine stories to puzzle over. Be surprised.

Available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk


birdforwebNatalie Buske Thomas

Dramatic Mom now has its own web space.

Dramatic Mom is a comic I collaborate on with my graphic artist daughter Cassandra Thomas.

First popular on Pinterest, Dramatic Mom contains family-friendly humor about parenting, writing and life's (my) ridiculous moments. Dramatic Mom is free and ready to share.

Caption for  cartoon: “Dramatic Mom math: Natalie alone on the beach + one lone bird = husband choking on laughter after bird craps on Natalie's head. [BTW: ouch! Long-range fly-by poop bombs hurt!]


jjtonerJJ Toner

My latest book ,The Black Orchestra has now been released on Smashwords and Amazon. This one is historical fiction, and has been in the melting pot since 2008.

It is 1940. The German war machine is devouring Western Europe. In Berlin, a military intelligence signalman discovers a colleague lying dead at his radio receiver… This is the story of one man’s journey through darkness to enlightenment. A cracking spy story, it is a tale of corruption and redemption, of fear and courage, of loyalty and betrayal — and of love.


250px-Uk_map_guernseyAn Island Paradise for Writers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on a tiny island, away from the hustle and bustle of life, while you planned or finished your magnum opus, wrote your poems or short stories or just re-energised?  Unfortunately, private islands tend to be expensive but if you rent a cottage on Herm, the rest of this unique island comes free.

Herm is only one and a half miles long by one mile wide. The smallest of the main Channel Islands, it lies only three miles from the coast of Guernsey. The island is semi-private with sixty residents. Renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches, open common, cliffs and woods, it offers visitors numerous walks and stunning views. There are no bikes or cars – everyone walks.

Herm has a fascinating history going back to Neolithic times and the various dwellers have left their mark. It’s probably also fair to say that Herm has left its mark on those who have lived there. One of the most notable being Sir Compton Mackenzie who bought the lease after the First World War. Herm proved an inspiration for his writing and his novel ‘Fairy Gold’ was based on the island.

I spent a very enjoyable and productive week there in December and negotiated special rates for Writers’ Retreats to be held in March, May and October 2013. The cost is from £320 for a cottage.

For further details please visit my website and go to ‘Writer’s Retreats’ .

You can find out more about Herm at www.herm.com

The common in the north of the island. Standing stones can be seen on the grass, while the island of Sark lies in the background.

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  1. Guernsey is where my family originated. The book appeals. Love the poetry book, and its cover! I enjoy a good giggle, and historic novel, so the others appeal, too.

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