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ALLi News: A Final Reminder To Ask Amazon!

ALLi News: A Final reminder to Ask Amazon!

Amazon-01As you may be aware from our events calendar, ALLi is running a special members-only event on Tuesday, 7th January at 6.00pm GMT. Our events allow ALLi members to probe the minds of some of the companies and people involved in self-publishing.

This time round, Tom Kephart, Community Outreach Product Manager at Amazon, will be joining us for a live Q&A. It’s a great opportunity to understand a little more about what Amazon can do for indie authors – and we are looking for your questions to pose. Existing ALLi members can send their queries to [email protected], and we’ll be going through them in the next few weeks ahead of our chat.

Get submitting – and if you haven’t joined ALLi yet, perhaps now is your moment.


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  1. I never got my guide to self-publishing for joining, which makes me wonder if you have me down as a member. Please advise. If I am not registered yet as a member, perhaps you could provide me with some hints about how to make sure I get signed up this time. I really do want to be a member. I have almost finished my current eBook non-fiction MS, and am
    looking for all the help I can get self-publishing it.

    Thank you,
    Wes Sanders
    URT History Project, Inc.

    1. Wes, you need to make contact with Geraldine Somerset who is our MemberCare Manager. I’ll ask her to email you, or you can contact her via info[at} We’ll soon get this sorted for you, I’m sure!

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