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Ask ALLi Self-Publishing Salon

Self-Publishing Salon with Orna Ross & Joanna Penn: Video, Podcast & Event Recap

Each month Orna Ross and Joanna Penn join forces to bring you The Self-Publishing Salon, and live online broadcast where they discuss what’s going on in the publishing industry, and provide an update on the latest tools and techniques that are helping them achieve their writing and publishing goals.

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Ask ALLi Self-Publishing Member Q&A with Orna Ross & Joel Friedlander

Our monthly Ask ALLi broadcasts are an ideal way to keep learning about being an indie author and the skills you need to acquire to become a successful self-publisher. Each month, Orna Ross, ALLi Director, invites a special guest into the indie author hot seat to answer ALLi Members’ self-publishing questions. This month’s special guest […]

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Ask ALLi Self-Publishing Salon

ALLi Self-Publishing Salon with Orna Ross and Joanna Penn

This month we welcomed the launch of our Self-Publishing Salon with Orna and Joanna. Up to now, this duo has hosted our month Ask ALLi Q&A event, answering members’ self-publishing questions. This Salon has a new format and instead of answering Member questions, Orna and Joanna discuss what’s going on in the publishing industry, latest tips […]

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F-R-E-E-WRITING: Your Key to Banishing Blocks and Writing What You Were Born To Write

Monday, February 20
9:00 a.m. – Noon 2-5 p.m. Full Day Class

F-R-E-E-WRITING: Your Key to Banishing Blocks and Writing What You Were Born To Write
Writing is magic. F-r-e-e-writing is magic unleashed! F-r-e-e-writing—raw, fast, exact and easy–will enable you to write better and faster than you ever thought possible, and bring you greater health, wealth and happiness. F-r-e-e-writing reconnects you with your words and your life. You will deepen and expand your creative capacities, and have a sense of meaning, purpose and passion. Join two leaders in the digital writing and publishing world for a day of life-changing insights and creative breakthroughs through a transformative engagement with your writing. Handouts.

You will learn how to:

  • Write f-r-e-e, making your writing more expressive, creative, and alive with telling details
  • Reconnect with the joy, romance, and pleasure of writing your way
  • Free yourself from inner and outer critics
  • Enhance all your creative capacities, including making more money and creating the best publishing options for your book

Orna Ross, an Irish indie author, wants everyone to use the creative process for work, relationships, and money as well as books. She writes and publishes novels, poetry and the Go Creative! books and blog. Orna is Founder-Director of the global non-profit association for self-publishers, the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). Since 2013, she has been named “one of 100 most influential people in publishing” by The Bookseller,, @ornaross.

Joel Friedlander is an award-winning book designer, a blogger, the author of A Self-Publisher’s Companion, and coauthor of The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide. He’s been launching the careers of self-publishers since 1994 from Marin Bookworks, his book-design consultancy, and writes, a blog on book design, marketing, and the future of books,,

Fee: $159

Register here:

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Ask ALLi December Self-Publishing Q&A Video & Podcast

Each month, Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn and Orna Ross, ALLi Director, answer ALLi Members’ self-publishing questions. If  you missed our live Q&A session you can catch up with the video, listen to the podcast or read a summary of this month’s questions and answers below. Orna and Joanna always begin the Ask ALLi discussion by sharing updates about their own creative work […]

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