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Stephanie ChandlerBuild Your Online Book Marketing Plan: Simple Strategies to Increase Website Traffic, Build Buzz and Sell More Books

Format: Video

Before self-publishing her first book, Stephanie Chandler decided to build an audience online. The success of that effort led to corporate sponsorships, major media coverage, product sales, and a variety of other opportunities. In this content-rich presentation, she shares strategies that authors can use to develop a marketing plan focused on building an audience online.


You will learn how to:

  •  Build an effective book marketing plan
  •  Identify and attract your ideal audience online
  •  Leverage blogging to increase site traffic and sales
  •  Conduct interviews with internet media sources
  •  Use articles, podcasts, videos, and content marketing tactics to boost traffic
  •  Expand revenues with information products
  •  Utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest—all without a big time commitment (really!)

With so much competition in the publishing field, it is critical that authors build a marketing plan that works. Whether you already have one, two or twenty books to your credit or you are just getting started; a plan that includes effective internet marketing strategies can have a dramatic impact on your publishing success.


Stephanie Chandler is the author of nine books including The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan: Online and Offline Promotion Strategies to Build Your Audience and Sell More Books. Stephanie is also founder and CEO of, a vibrant educational community for experienced and aspiring writers and, an annual event conducted entirely online. A frequent speaker at business events and on the radio, she has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, BusinessWeek,, and Wired magazine. For author and speaker information, visit .


Facebook: facebook/nonfictionauthorsassociation

Twitter: @nonfictionassoc

Speaker Giveaway

Ultimate Author Marketing CourseStephanie is offer one lucky winner her Ultimate Author Marketing Course–$697 value. The Ultimate Author Marketing course  provides a comprehensive solution for serious nonfiction authors who want to build an effective marketing plan, establish a powerful online presence, sell more books, and generate revenues from related products and services.

The harsh reality is that most authors don’t make REAL money with their books, but that doesn’t mean your book can’t help you earn a great living! As an AUTHORity in your field, you can attract media attention online and offline, and generate revenue from many sources including corporate sponsorships, speaking, information product sales, coaching and consulting, and much more.

And yes, you can do this even though you have a day job because guess what? Very few authors have the luxury of focusing on their books full-time!We ALL have day jobs! The key is learning to prioritize your goals and identify the most effective marketing tactics so that you can make the most of your limited time and achieve the success you want. This one-of-a-kind, 12-part course is jam packed with real-world tactics to help you build your author brand and business, create profitable revenue streams, and promote yourself as an AUTHORity.

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