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Book Marketing Begins at Home

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How to ensure that in your quest for a global audience, you don’t neglect the power and potential of offline strategies on your home territory to increase your confidence and competence on the worldwide stage.


How to find and leverage local opportunities to build your author brand.


Debbie Young is Commissioning Editor of ALLi’s Author Advice Centre, and writes how-to books for authors, including the growing series of ALLi’s own guidebooks.

She also writes across different genres, her first love being the short story, of which she has self-published three collections. She is now working on her debut novel, the first in a planned series whose cast list will include many authors and booksellers. You have been warned!

A staunch supporter and mentor of other indie authors, she is an avid reader and reviewer, featuring many self-published books on her bookblog.

An ambassador for the children’s reading charity Readathon, she is also the founder and director of the Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival, a free annual festival held in the English village in which she lives and works, celebrating the joy of books and reading and raising the profile of many indie authors, poets and illustrators.

She is also in demand as a speaker about self-publishing and book marketing, and welcomes any excuse to perform her short stories in public.


Facebook: AuthorDebbieYoung

Twitter: @DebbieYoungBN



One signed paperback copy of Debbie Young’s latest collection of humorous short stories “Marry in Haste”.

Opening up to Indie Authors by ALLiA paperback copy of the “Opening Up to Indie Authors” which gives detailed advice on how to find good self-published books and how they might — and should — be included, wherever readers are found. Packed with useful information, and real-life examples from members of The Alliance of Independent Authors, this guidebook is part of a wider campaign that includes a petition, and lobbying within the publishing industry, encouraging it to open up to the self-publishing phenomenon.

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