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What Indie Authors Want From Book Expo America (And Other Big Book Fairs)

Publishing conference season is over and before we head into the summer, Orna Ross gives author feedback to the conference that has the most potential but is delivering least for indie authors: Book Expo America (BEA). BEA is the largest publishing event in North America, where the most developed market for ebooks and self-publishing is found. It has run […]

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How I Do It: Indie Authors Share the Secrets of Their Success – This Week: Kathleen Shoop

Attributing her success to the decision to self-publish, Kathleen Shoop explains how taking control led her to reaching sales of over 50,000 and receiving several awards. Balancing writing with bringing up children was difficult at times, but Kathleen has always dedicated whatever ‘free time’ she has to writing. Read our full interview with Kathleen to discover […]

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Book Marketing: Choosing the Cover for your Self-Published Book – Follow the Crowd or Dare to be Different?

As an indie author, it’s your prerogative to do things your way, including choosing the cover design for your self-published book. While trade-published authors often dislike the covers picked by their publishers, that doesn’t mean their publishers have got it wrong. Though it may seem that all book covers in a particular genre start to […]

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Opinion: Why Wikipedia isn’t Real Research for your Self-published Historical Novel

British indie author Lucienne Boyce, who writes and self-publishes historical fiction and non-fiction, explains why looking something up on Wikipedia doesn’t count as quality research, and recommends more effective research methods that will add conviction and accuracy when you are writing about the past. (This is an abridged text of the excellent talk that Lucienne […]

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John Ellsworth

How I Do It: Indie Authors Share the Secrets of Their Success – This Week: John Ellsworth

Never quit, successful indie author John Ellsworth tells us, no matter how much rejection you get in those early days. Nowadays, when John releases a new book, through his understanding of Amazon’s algorithm and building up a large following on Facebook, he’s in the top ten of legal thriller bestsellers. Read our interview with John and find out what […]

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