cover of Out of the Shadows

Writing: The Difference Between Self-publishing a Collection, an Anthology and a Box Set

Many indie authors like to expand their portfolio with compilations of short or long pieces, on their own or in collaboration with other authors. Sometimes they struggle to know what exactly to call such a product, and I’ve often seen collections labelled as anthologies or vice versa. So here’s the low-down on the differences between […]

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Head and shoulders shot of David Penny looking thoughtful but with a twinkle in his eye

Opinion: No, We Are Not Enemies

Historical novelist David Penny shares his view on the relationship between trade publishing and indie authors.  There have been several articles in the press and online publications recently trying to make out that indie authors and e-books are a threat to civilisation, world peace, and traditionally printed books. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. […]

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