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Welcome to the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)’s Member Showcase. Here is where ALLi tells the world about our members’ latest book launches, news, awards, freebies and events.

Madeline House Cover 300x200

New Novel: Madeline House

When Beth Carson flees her controlling husband, a Sydney surgeon, and travels to Florence, Oregon, she is unsure what her future holds. Although her only knowledge of Florence comes from a few postcards found in her late mother’s effects, she immediately feels at home there and begins to put down ...
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ToKillALabrador FINAL

New Cozy Mystery Series: To Kill A Labrador

In To Kill A Labrador, A Marcia Banks and Buddy Mystery, the first in a new series by Kassandra Lamb, Marcia (pronounced Mar-see-a, not Marsha) likes to think of herself as a normal person, even though she has a rather abnormal vocation. She trains service dogs for combat veterans with ...
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Matador Cover #2

One-Week Discount on Children’s Novel

Eye Spy by Tessa Buckley is a mystery story for children aged 9+. The book is now available as both an ebook and a paperback, and will be discounted from 22 July until 28 July 2016. Over the course of ten days, the lives of thirteen-year-old Alex Macintyre and his ...
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Cover of Celebrating Grandmothers

New Regular Slot on US Website for Ann Richardson

Ann Richardson, author of Celebrating Grandmothers, has been invited to write a regular monthly post about different aspects of being a grandmother on the American website Sixty and Me (see url below). The first post, 'Becoming Grandma Can Change Your Life', was published in July 2016. More information: Submitted ...
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New Book in Chained Adept Series: Broken Devices

There's a new release from fantasy author Karen Myers. Chains without wizards and a rising count of the dead. The largest city in the world has just discovered its missing wizards. It seems the Kigali empire has ignited a panic that threatens internal ruin, and the only chained wizard it ...
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Business Corporate Law and Practice

Update for US Lawyers’ Guide

"New York Lawyers' Practical Skills Series: Business/Corporate Law and Practice" by Beane, D'Alessandro, Greenberg, Santucci, Rice (2015-2016 ed); N.Y. State Bar Assn. (ISBN 1-57969-446-2) is updated and published each year by the New York State Bar Association. It was first published by the New York State Bar Association as "Business/Corporate ...
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New American Civil War History Book: The Colonel and the Vicar

The Colonel and the Vicar by Edward Rayner is a unique, fascinating story about the American Civil War that defies categorization. What started out as the author's personal genealogical research revealed the story of his ancestors Henry and Francis Tremlett, first cousins. In turn, additional research revealed their roles during ...
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Impertinent Strangers - Copy (2) (204x300)

New Historical Romance: Impertinent Strangers

In P O Dixon's Impertinent Strangers, a Pride and Prejudice story, an impertinent stranger is thrown into Fitzwilliam Darcy's path and, even though he declares her tolerable but not handsome enough to tempt him, it is all he can do not to think of her. Upon first making Mr Darcy's ...
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New Thriller: The Price of Normal

The Price of Normal by Meb Bryant is a psychological thriller about a diagnosed sociopath who wants to experience normal. Can a sociopath abandon his natural instincts? He uses several names but never his own since his death twelve years ago. Others have labeled him as a sociopath, and he ...
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The Second Stage of Grief Kindle Scout 200x300

Kindle Scout – The Second Stage of Grief

Until the 6th August 2016, the second Ngaire Blakes mystery, The Second Stage of Grief, by Katherine Hayton, has a live campaign page on Kindle Scout. If you nominate the title and it's selected for publication by Kindle Press, you'll receive an advance Kindle eBook copy absolutely free. The first ...
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New Novel: Lost Time (Between Two Evils #2)

From award-winning author D L Orton comes the next book in the Between Two Evils series, published 1 July 2016. Diego arrives in a grim alternate future where the human race ekes out a desperate existence inside aging biodomes. Can he locate the time machine and get back to Iz? ...
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Jumpin’ the Rails! is an Award Finalist

Jumpin’ the Rails! is finalist in FAPA 2016 President’s Awards Newly released historical fiction takes readers on exciting time-travelling adventure Author Sheila Wall Slavich’s imaginative and exhilarating read Jumpin’ the Rails!, released in March 2016, was selected this June as a finalist in the Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) ...
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New Book: The New Monastics: Experiments in Contemplation

The New Monastics, the third in a series of short ebooks by Alex Klaushofer about the faithscape of contemporary Britain, is out soon. At a time when traditional monasticism is on the decline, the book explores the worlds of two groups pioneering modern monasticism: a start-up of Benedictine nuns, founded ...
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The tales of Fluke and Tash - Robin Hood adventure

New Children’s Book: The Tales of Fluke & Tash –...

The Tales of Fluke and Tash - Robin Hood adventure is Mark Elvy’s first book in a brand new series of adventure books aimed for 6-12 year olds. He has you thinking, what do your pets get up to at night when you’re tucked up in bed asleep? Or what ...
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New Tribute Book: The Essential Ed Koterba

Journalism and history buffs will be instantly enthralled by The Essential Ed Koterba. For the first time ever an inside look in to the famed adventurous newsman's life is provided by his son, Ed Koterba Morgret. The work includes 363 articles written by Ed Koterba as well as further insight ...
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A Ray of Light

True Story: A Ray of Light

A Ray of Light by Russell Phillips is the inspiring true story of what happens when ordinary people unite to make a stand against evil. Lidice was a peaceful and vibrant community in Czechoslovakia with a rich mining heritage. But an act of Nazi revenge saw this village wiped from ...
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