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Welcome to the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)’s Member Showcase. Here is where ALLi tells the world about our members’ latest book launches, news, awards, freebies and events.

Suddenly_Spying_Cover Alli

New Comic Suspense Novel: Suddenly Spying

Gin Mackey’s madcap caper Suddenly Spying, published under the imprint Pink Granite Press, is now available on Amazon. Nora Gallagher’s never measured up to her super successful secret agent sister Giselle. When Giselle arrives home unexpectedly, dangling a big bucks spy assignment and promising to help Nora learn the biz, Nora forgets about ...
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200 x 300 Ebook Love of One ebook cover

The Love of One Wins Book Designer’s Cover Award

In a collaboration by Bookfly Design and author Caroline Cumming, the  newly released memoir, The Love of One, has been described by Joel Friedlander (The Book Designer) as ‘’both conceptually and visually arresting. A poetic cover for this memoir.” ( ) Apart from an uncluttered and engaging cover, Caroline Cumming’s brief ...
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200 x 300 Ebook Love of One ebook cover

New Memoir Shows Creative Power of Community and Love

Caroline Cummings' newly released memoir, The Love of One, offers help, hope, and inspiration for not only those with loved ones seriously ill in hospital, or those experiencing upheaval and grief, but indeed anyone struggling in life or relationships. A new voice for healing, relationships, and living with an open heart has ...
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Journeys cover

Launch of Book 2 in Billy Battles Trilogy

Billy Battles is definitely not in Kansas anymore. As Book 2 of Ronald E Yates' Finding Billy Battles trilogy opens, Billy is far from his Kansas roots—and his improbable journeys are just beginning. He is aboard an ocean liner sailing to the Mysterious East (Hong Kong, French Indochina, and the Philippines), ...
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Writing Teacher Launches Editorial Service

After 30 years teaching writing, 20 years online, Cindy Rinaman Marsch has recently published her first fiction and is moving into a hybrid career of writing and editorial services. She can respond with agility to your needs, whether you are just beginning to write, want to improve the beauty of ...
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Blizzard 300

New! Blizzard: A Story of Dakota Territory

Newly published for June 25, with pre-order available . . . A homesteading farmer, his pregnant wife, their daughter, and the grandmother wake to a beautiful winter morning on the prairie. And then it descends upon them - the infamous Children's Blizzard of 1888. Who will survive? With characters from Cindy Rinaman ...
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Who'd Have Thought It Cover MEDIUM WEB (2)

New Novel: Who’d Have Thought It?

After decades of writing non-fiction, and of being published conventionally, this is Christine Webber's first independently produced book, and her first novel for 29 years! It's the story of GP Annie Templeton who had thought her life was settled, but who finds herself single again when she least expected it. She ...
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New Edition: Control of Enemy Alien Civilians in Great Britain

  A study titled Control of Enemy Alien Civilians in Great Britain, 1914-1918, by John C Bird has been published in paperback by Routledge, one of the world's leading educational publishers. Hardback and ebook versions were published by Routledge last year. The book, which began life as a PhD thesis at ...
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Series Launch – Book 1: The New British Druids

A series of short-form ebooks on the faithscape of contemporary Britain launches shortly. Each contains a standalone excerpt from The Secret Life of God, a book of reportage which chronicles how, in an age when institutional religion is on the decline, people are finding new ways of believing and belonging, and ...
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Juliets-Journey-300 197

New Novella: Juliet’s Journey

Kathy Gates' debut novella, Juliet's Journey, was inspired by time spent in the tiny Italian village of Baiardo, high in the hills behind San Remo. Gates' eponymous heroine, Juliet, is way out of her comfort zone. She's about to arrive in Baiardo to become a volunteer in an art school ...
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New Release: Angel’s Messiah

Would you risk everything, for salvation? Helena, part earth-bound angel, part vampire, is pregnant, and it's playing havoc with her unique abilities. Her usual diet of vampire blood makes her physically ill, one minute she's visible the next she's not, and she's suffering from blackouts. After yet another blackout, Helena finds herself ...
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New Children’s Book:The Emerald Quest

The Emerald Quest is Julie Day's latest ebook for children. Tomboy mermaid Aliona reaches her sixteenth birthday. She gets newly-grown fingernails, but it comes with a condition: '“The emerald you have to find, will lead you to the merboy you seek, but don't take too long, mind, for you only have ...
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Vitavius: A Christmas Story

Many things come to mind when sharing the story of Christmas: a brilliant new star shining in the heavens; three magi following this bright star; angels singing in the skies to awe-struck shepherds; a census; many weary travelers filling the peaceful city of Bethlehem; no rooms left at the inn; ...
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8607785Revenge of the Goldfish

Revenge of the Goldfish: Upbeat, fun poems for 4-7’s

How can you rescue a spider from the sandpit? What would YOU do if you were a giraffe? What is happening to the pile of mouldy rubbish, in the space behind your bedroom door? Can you webcam Mars? A. F. B. Griffey presents a selection of upbeat, fun poems to read ...
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The Finnish Girl: Can you be too young for love?

The Finnish Girl, Helena Halme's prequel novella to the popular 1980s Nordic romance, The Englishman, is now out in paperback! Kaisa is 14 and the new girl in town again. When a messy divorce forces Kaisa’s mother to move to a small flat in an island suburb of Helsinki, Kaisa isn’t looking ...
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New Novel: Gillian’s Island

Fear isolates her. Desire sets her free. Forced to sell her island resort after a messy divorce, Gillian Foster must now teach new owner Daylin Quinn how to run it. But someone resents Daylin’s presence on the island more than Gillian does and will stop at nothing to run him off—even ...
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