Indie Author Fringe LBF 2017 Book Description Competition Entries

London Book Fair 2017 LBF IAF LogoThey say that the last few hundred words are always the hardest for a writer to create. That means your book description. How can you distill down your 100,000 word work of genius into a few sparse lines?

Well – take a look at the entries below and see if these authors have succeeded.

And if you want to enter your own description click here.

Get Your Wordworth

Do you and your kids think that poetry is boring? It’s time to be proven wrong… Poetry helps kids learn more about reading and writing, but most people think it’s old and boring. This genre-busting collection of funky poetry and ...
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The Short Kids Enter The School Business Fair

"You know me, Mom, I like to be different.” When a feisty 4th Grade girl competes against her 6th Grade brother along with their clever classmates, what a fun time is had What parent wouldn’t want to see their child ...
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The Gadium have been ruling the galaxy for millennia, manipulating probability to ensure their continued domination. On Earth, Jack Bullage survives a horrendous car accident. How did he get to be so lucky? The Gadium have the answers. They know ...
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The Shattered Crown

Is a foe ever truly unbeatable? Caledan is caught in the middle of a warring dragon clan, and Soren is powerless to save his people, or stop the attacks, but worse is coming. The elementals are rising. If Caledan is ...
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The Brooding Crown

Read the book described as "Game of Thrones for teenagers"... Where is the line between good and evil? Soren has defeated his usurping uncle and the semblance of peace has returned to Caledan, but surrounded by the twelve noble houses of ...
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The Tainted Crown

What is the price of kingship? The kingdom of Caledan is thrown into turmoil by the queen’s murder.  Her heir, Soren, flees with a price on his head after being framed for the killing by his uncle Zaki, who seizes ...
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Standing Stone

A brutal shooting made Detective Will Danner a wealthy man. But it cost him his job, his partner Robert 'Bobby' Nielle, and his serenity. The one thing Will was born to be was a cop. When Sheriff Ray Stettler offered ...
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King Ron of the Triceratops

A T-Rex, king of the Triceratops? As a Tyrannosaurus egg, Ron rolled into a Triceratops nest. He grew up calling Little T his brother and became king of the Triceratops with the promise: "Trixies first!" When things go sour in ...
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Heart Throb

His ways he only knows We know nothing because We know everything Miracles do happen but What is miracle he only knows Sun rises from east Is it not an extraordinary phenomenon If sun will rise from west then? Eyes ...
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Pretty Woman

Mrs Dalvi had a strange habit of winking her left eye slowly and repeatedly while speaking, of which she was unaware. It looked like as if she was deliberately winking her left eyes. Her way of talking often instigated people ...
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Frozen Moments Revisited

It is snippets of raw beauty of life's simple moments. It talks about love, betrayal, material wealth and human convictions. it tries to touch the universal truths by going back to the basic, by letting the readers reexamine their own ...
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No Rest for the Wicked

Since her release from the psychiatric facility and into the smothering guardianship of her aunt, twenty-one-year-old psychic Tatum Torabi has been sneaking away to sell curses and plagues in the underground, a black market known for illegal and supernatural wares ...
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The Smart Women’s Guide to Conception

Just when you thought you couldn't bear to hear another story about what to do when you and your partner are planning to have a baby because the clock is ticking or maybe you have tried and the pieces of ...
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Remote Fears & Silver Linings

In the four minutes it took the first paramedics to arrive, some decided I was dead. I didn't like that decision. I wasn't ready to go. So I fought. In September of 1997, reporter Kimberly Arms Shirk was severely burned ...
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The Seventh Lane

When work-a-day corporate stiff John Cade makes a delivery to a prodigiously eccentric client, his world spins out of control. Hunted by otherworldly creatures in a wild chase, he hurtles through an abruptly unfamiliar Los Angeles as the boundaries of ...
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The Werewolf Whisperer: ¡Feliz Navidad!

It is a time of fragile peace. Lucy Lowell and Xochitl Magaña's Were rescue, rehabilitation (and removal) road trip up and down California has turned them into a badass, slammin' team of gun-slinging Were wranglers. Skills honed, fame licking at ...
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Beast Out Of Hell

When gun-toting Granny hires The Werewolf Whisperer team to save her Werebeast granddaughter, Lucy and Xochi get caught between a pair of star-crossed lovers and a gang of biker Weres hell-bent on destruction. In a dark twist that snaps our ...
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The Alpha & Omega

Ever since K-Day and the "werewolf apocalypse," life has been rough for The Werewolf Whisperer team of Lucy Lowell and Xochitl Magaña. But it's about to get a whole lot rougher. As Lucy's uncanny ability to control the Were population ...
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The Werewolf Whisperer

Lucy Lowell, The Werewolf Whisperer, and her partner Xochitl Magaña are thrown into chaos when the Kyon Virus turns a disturbing number of Angelenos into werewolf-like creatures. As the outbreak expands to epidemic proportions, Lucy’s uncanny ability to control the ...
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Shaun, Shaun the Leprechaun

In this fun book, the reader takes an adventurous journey around town to find Shaun the Leprechaun ...
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Henry the Hamster’s Night at the Library

After being dropped down the book drop of the library, Henry the hamster learns more about the local library then he intended ...
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Note to Self: When you get the money…

Note to Self: When you get your money… At times we tend to receive the greatest moment of financial clarity after our money has already been spent. It seems we clearly recognize all of our poor financial choices after our ...
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The Gift of Singlehood

Marriage is not a guaranteed lifestyle. At any given moment in life, and for various reasons people become single. The realism of Christian singlehood is often significantly underestimated, dismissively regarded, and insensitively discussed. The desire to be held, the desire ...
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Perspective: Lessons from the Journey

Perspective: Lessons from the Journey is a book of affirmations and devotions. It was inspired in part, by Mark Twain’s quote, “We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it and stop ...
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“What is Jack&Jill Turtle Saying?Art Magazine Book?”

"What is Jack&Jill Turtle Saying" What is Jack&Jill Turtle Saying?Art Magazine Book?" by Malik Tabatha D. Cain, Danielle Cruz Torres (Illustrator)  "What is Jack&Jill Turtle Saying?Art Magazine Book?" By: Tabatha D. Cain, Malik & Publisher: Emmanuel Cain Innovations LLc ...
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“Where Does Bullying Come From Wonder Jill&Jack Turtle?”

"Where Does Bullying Come From Wonder Jack and Jill Turtle?"Publisher: Emmanuel Cain Innovations LLc (2016) written By: Tabatha D.Cain, Malik  illustrated By: Danielle Cruz Torres.  Description: Our daughter who was teased & bullied for her differences with Autism and the movement ...
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Black Marks

Detroit is a hole where even a werewolf's sins can be buried. Or so Jake Brennan hopes. Hiding from his hunters, shooting heroin to negate the effect of the full moon, he is beginning to turn things around. And the ...
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Cry of the Gulls

When two souls are destined to meet no distance will keep them apart… To the outside world Oliver Foxley leads a charmed life.  Still on his first marriage to the attractive and independent Deanna, he is a successful, award-winning actor ...
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“Where Does Autism Come from wonder The Turtle Family?”

"Where Does Autism Come From, Wonder The Turtle Family?" By Author Tabatha D.Cain, Publisher Emmanuel Cain Innovations llc, illustrator: Danielle Cruz Torres, Editor: Antoinette Balfour "Where Does Autism Come From Wonder The Turtle Family?"(2013) written By Tabatha D.Cain, Publisher Emmanuel Cain Innovations ...
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The Forgotten Promise

Irish lass, Maddie O'Brien, is at a crossroads in her life. Carefree and independent, she loves her work with a London film production company but her relationship with Dan is going nowhere fast.  As the years slip by she is ...
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The Healing Touch

The Healing Touch is a mesmerising story of loss, heartbreak, passion, and love in many guises. A gripping read you won't want to put down. Based on real events, funny, devastating, and uplifting by turns, The Healing Touch will leave ...
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The Crease

She’s unique. Different. The moment we met I was gone. Long gone. From her pink hair to her vintage Converse sneakers. I have to have her and I always get what I want. Even if it means my dark secret ...
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I am Dolphin

"Deep within the oceans and in our subconscious lies the "dream of humanity"... feelings of connectiveness and being a part of something bigger than ourselves." Beneath the waves of holographic communications is the evolutionary power of dolphin communications. It is ...
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Dollar Signs: Texas Lady Lawyer vs Boots King

MERIT BRIDGES, an attorney and widowed mother in Austin, Texas, works hard, drinks too much wine, and sleeps with younger men. When Merit goes after a shady corporation threatening her client, she encounters hired gun Boots King. His charge is ...
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Finding Henry Brubaker

A twist of fate forces Henry Brubaker into a life he once found despicable. As the past comes back to haunt him, the old doctor realizes there are more sinister reasons for his abduction than he was led to believe ...
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Finding Megan

Megan accidentally uncovers a dark secret that her grandfather, Henry Brubaker has kept hidden from his family for many years. Her subsequent abduction causes a chain of events that are irreversible. When family loyalty and trust is shattered can it ...
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Finding Kaden

A vicious attack leaves seventeen year old Kaden Seager suffering from amnesia. He finds himself caught up in a world of abduction, conspiracy, exploitation and murder. Detective Jake Matthews must convince the young man's family that their son is dead ...
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A Pocket Full of Shells

In 1846 a baby girl is born to a young Irish fisherman and his wife. It is the second year of The Great Hunger and the young couple choose to remain in Ireland while family and friends are leaving. Their ...
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A Legacy of Secrets

As the past catches up with Catherine one of her sisters becomes a thorn in her side. To make life even more stressful, the young woman finds herself torn between two men she dearly loves. As her husband does his ...
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Maya and the Book of Everything

One Girl, One Boy, One Book Against the Forces of Evil. On her way to Maine, Maya, a not-so-ordinary girl, comes into possession of the extraordinary Book of Everything. The book is sentient and can provide facts about the past, ...
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Calmer Waters: The Caregiver’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s and Dementia

After spending a decade caring for her husband who died from younger-onset Alzheimer's disease, Barbra Cohn offers a spiritual and holistic guide to help caregivers feel happier and healthier. She presents caregivers with tools and techniques to give them more ...
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Not a Sparrow Falls

Schoolteacher Charlotte Brindle is relieved that her long journey from Boston to Wyldhaven is about to come to an end. And then the bullets start flying! As she sprawls on the floor of the coach and curls her arms around ...
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On the Wings of a Whisper

Stone Town, Zanzibar, Early 1866 RyAnne Hunter is determined to stop her father from leaving for the continent of Africa, where he plans to start a mission station. And she only has until morning. Tonight at the Harcourts' Annual Ball ...
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In India, countless souls sleep on the street, almost anywhere. Still, Carroll is astonished to see the sign, "NO SLEEPING BETWEEN THE RAILS!" posted in a Calcutta train station. Wondering what kind of people must be warned against such obvious ...
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Rocky Mountain Oasis

He’s different from any man she’s ever known. However, she’s sworn never to risk her heart again. Brooke Baker, sold as a mail-order bride, looks to her future with dread but firm resolve. If she survived Uncle Jackson, she can ...
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Your Child’s Well-Being: Juvenile Fibromyalgia

Your Child's Well-Being is a practical and uplifting resource guide for all parents and family members of children and teenagers who may be living with Fibromyalgia. Full of up-to-date information and guidance, this book will help you to successfully navigate ...
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Dolphin Talk

How we can talk with dolphins in 5 easy steps Dolphins (and whales) have captivated humanity since antiquity, drawing us into their underwater world of communications and communities. Awaiting beneath the waves of 3-D living are amazing aquatic connections for ...
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Saving Our Kids – Saving Ourselves

I am a mom who has uncovered the harm that we are imparting on our children, by the way we treat, and school them, with little regard for their humanity. Having recovered from my own misguided path, then confronted with ...
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Shakespeare’s Global Philosophy

The three parts of Shakespeare’s Global Philosophy present evidence and argument that Shakespeare’s Sonnets of 1609 articulate the philosophy behind all his plays and longer poems and that the Globe Theatre symbolises the global significance of the philosophy. Part 1 ...
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Under the Wings of a Good Luck Phoenix: A Memoir of an American Girl Saigon 1963

Under the Wings of a Good Luck Phoenix is the testament of the friendship between a young girl and a Vietnamese who taught her that life should never be taken for granted. Kathy Connor will need more than luck to ...
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Rough Draft Confessions: Not A Guide To Writing And Selling Erotica And Romance But Full Of Inside Insight Anyway

A non-fiction collection of inside insights about writing dirty, the power of words, taboo language, the freedoms and limitations of genres, fulfilling your creative drive, and the business of writing, this behind-the-scenes companion piece to the author’s ER novels takes readers ...
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Cherry Pie Cure

“Soo-zaahn,” he said. “Soo-zahn,” he said it again, and I felt the bones in my toes dissolve. “I am so grateful for this gift, and so touched by your thoughtfulness. Soo-zaaaahn,” he said my name again, and I thought if ...
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I Can Explain Everything: Confessions of a Pet Capybara

Is there a one hundred pound semi-aquatic South American rodent in your kitchen? I am Dobby the Capybara, I live in the suburbs, and this is my story. My royal status notwithstanding, this is the highly opinionated record of my ...
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Consequences (Of Defensive Adultery)

“What’s that?” —This? Nothing. A photograph. He looks at the photograph, and demands a story I don’t want to tell. “Isn’t this what all women want? A lover who as passionately interested in the quotidian details of their boring, dysfunctional ...
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A Time for Fire (Book Three: The Marine Letsco Trilogy)

A Time for Fire A diabolical arsonist loves to puzzle around. An enemy reveals she’s more evil than realized. And, Marine must make hard choices. Book Three of The Marine Letsco Trilogy finds Marine using her fire investigator skills to ...
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The Fire of Revenge (Book Two: The Marine Letsco Trilogy)

The Fire of Revenge If you enjoy the stories of Mickey Spillane or Sue Grafton, you will find The Marine Letsco Trilogy an intriguing read. In Book Two, Marine Letsco has begun to have flashbacks. Moreover, she thinks she saw ...
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A Young Boy And His Best Friend, The Universe. Vol. III

Welcome to a spiritual fable that will win your heart. Travel through life’s travesties through the innocent eyes of a young boy. Often lost and confused by everything that goes on around him, the young boy feels blessed to ...
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Funny Sexy Nanobots

Peter Wick's blog "Simple Displeasures" has become a destination for thousands of readers since it debuted in 2012. In this potpourri of a collection, Wick brings together selections from the blog, plus lots of extra goodies; humor, satire, a little ...
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The Fire Within (Book 1: The Marine Letsco Trilogy)

The Fire Within If you enjoy the stories of Mickey Spillane or Sue Grafton, you will find The Marine Letsco Trilogy an intriguing read. In Book One, on a cruise to the Caribbean, Marine Letsco is on her first vacation ...
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It Is What It Is

Seventeen years ago Zenny Zeller was the drummer of one-hit wonder band “Gupper Fish.” Now he rents space in his house to the beautiful Stella and her band. Stella’s drummer, I.Q., has disappeared….again. Zenny and the band bumble through one ...
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Key West – Special Edition

Trouble is brewing in Key West. In 1950, Stephen Trumbull was a classic hard-boiled reporter and columnist for The Miami Herald. He drank too much and had a mouth on him. He rubbed people the wrong way. All he cared ...
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The Game to Show The Games

ESPN collects hundreds of millions of dollars in rights fees from cable subscribers, before selling a single advertisement. In The Game to Show the Games, Morgan Wick exposes how this lucrative revenue stream and the competition between media conglomerates has ...
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Circle of Nine: Sacred Treasures

“Return to the Celtic magic that began with the suspenseful, award-winning novel Circle of Nine – Beltany . . .” Brigit Quinn has survived a year full of both good and bad surprises after learning the truth of her unique ...
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Circle of Nine: Novella Collection

Return to the Celtic magic that began with the suspenseful, award-winning novel Circle of Nine – Beltany. Descended from a legendary Celtic tribe that guards the secrets of the ancient stone circles, the Quinn women have a great responsibility to ...
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Circle of Nine: Beltany

“Since I was a little girl I’ve been labeled a freak in my small town. There’s no blending in when your mom practices an ancient pagan religion and everyone believes she’s a witch. On my 15th birthday my secret wish ...
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Being a photographer at a Tokyo newspaper is no walk in the park—unless you’re Akio Tsukino and only get assigned to shoot parades and park festivals. All that changes when a serial killer starts chopping off heads in nearby Kofu ...
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Scattered Stones

Imprisoned for Five Years: “She was loneliest at night when the day wound down and there was nothing left to do to take her mind off home and the ones she loved. We shared a cell almost from the start, ...
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NAPI – The Trixster (A Blackfoot Graphic Novel)

NAPI (pronounced "NAW-PEA") is a Blackfoot trickster ... a trouble maker ... a foolish being ... he teaches us what not to do. Blackfoot people have been using NAPI as an educational/motivational tool for thousands of years. Countless generations have ...
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Dark Places

What if a detective could see impossible clues? As a phase-shifter, things are always complicated, but if that was only the start of her trouble? Dylan has a secret - she sees the final thoughts of the dead. It's only ...
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3 in 1

The Purpose of 3 in 1 is for the reader: Become Who You Are in Christ to grow in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom through revelation, meaning, and application of God’s word of truth. How? Knowledge and Revelation: First, seek the ...
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Life in a Hospice: reflections on caring for the dying

End of life care at its best Dying – it’s an uncomfortable topic. None of us likes to think about what our last days will be like. But if we do think about them at all, we want them to ...
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Chasing Your Dream

In just thirty days, this guided journal, full of inspiring quotations and unique prompts for each day, will help you discover what you really want from life. Maybe it's a new job. Maybe just time for something you loved to ...
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Smells Like Weeia Spirit

Danni Metreaux, a smart Paris marshal with a point to prove, and Sebastien Poyager, her loyal, wealthy and handsome partner, keep getting called in to deal with superhumans behaving oddly for no apparent reason, and innocent people are dying. Will ...
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How far would you go to save your child? What would you do? Where do you draw your revenge line? Amelia has been missing for five years––five long years. A cold case to the police. A hot case to her ...
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UNeducation: A Residential School Graphic Novel

The chilling chronicles of a family's government-sanctioned exploitation in the mandatory Canadian residential school system ...
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Evil takes many forms, especially when fueled by the drive to possess things that aren’t yours. The easier it is, the more you take—feeding the devil within. Morgan Kasen’s life is going nowhere. After two failed marriages, she’s stuck in ...
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The MetSche Message

Young Andre, with his severe visual disability, experiences years of alienation, frustration, and abiding sadness in the face of human beings' cruelty to one another. At his boarding school for the blind and then later at college, his sources of ...
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Zany Girl, Natural Hair Questions Answered.

Zany Girl , Answers your natural hair questions... I'm Zany Girl, and I have been natural for several years. Boy, let me tell you starting out with a big chop wasn't an easy thing to do. At first, my friends ...
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Teresa awakens in the hospital knowing God exists and being certain of her name...only those closest around her don’t agree. She was born Keisha Veronica Taylor but she has no memory of the person she used to be. From the ...
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Corey’s Peaceful Heart

When Corey wakes, he knows something is missing.   Uh Oh!  He has to have it in time for school. Is it a buzzy bee or a big brown bear?  Will he find it in the bathtub or under the bed? ...
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Pure Human City

After the Ordinary Settlement is visited by the mysterious “Organisation’, Kyle goes to the Library searching for information about Pure Oxygen Machines and the Pure Human City. His parents seem scared, and refuse to tell him anything about the machines ...
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After Isaac

Aaron Saturn, 14, is an emotional zombie--stuck in grief for his little brother, Isaac, who died. Aaron longs for an escape, and thinks he's found one when he meets Kim, a girl living on the streets of New York City's ...
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Deliver Me

Have you ever found yourself writing and setting goals and then never completing them? If so, deliver me from procrastination will set your wheels in motions to complete your tasks and push through life's obstacles. Do you want to be ...
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Black Bollymance

In this book of interfaith love, Chandra Evans meets Raj Patel in college and the two instantly form a bond. A Christian and a Muslim aren’t supposed to be together though, are they? Is there any way for them to ...
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How To Win Like Trump: Nine Simple Rules for Victory Against the Odds

Trump won. Everyone has an opinion. But how did he do it? The deck was stacked against him. He campaigned on a shoestring. He came out of nowhere. The Russians are hiding the truth from you. Trump knows how to win ...
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Narrowly Escaping Escapism

Kerris Wagner has decided to get married to the woman most perfect for him: Brooke Collins. He is certain she will have him, he need only introduce himself to the vastly successful model turned sci-fi actress and propose. What better ...
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Road Home

The tale of a slightly suicidal homeless hitchhiker, who after ten years is done.  She can’t find the answer because she’s not 100% sure of the question.  So, she’s going to take one final ride home and then end it ...
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Until There Were a Million Pieces

Until There Were a Million Pieces... an inspiring book about the plight of a single mother who chooses to give her baby away for adoption. At the time of Denise's nineteenth birthday she is pregnant.  And it leads her to ...
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How to Raise a Mindful Eater: 8 Powerful Principles for Transforming Your Child’s Relationship with Food

Raising a Mindful Eater in a Mindless Eating World Whether your child is obsessed with sweets, a big (or small) eater, or you simply want to avoid future eating problems, you are in the right place. In How to Raise ...
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Sea Trials

A shipwreck might end a dream of circumnavigating the globe. Not for the Wilcox family. In 1973, the Wilcox family sets off to sail around the world aboard the 40-foot sailboat, Vela. Thirteen months later, they are shipwrecked on a ...
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Why God is so Amazing

How can you obtain greater peace, contentment, confidence and faith? By growing deeper in your relationship with God. This book will give you the in-depth knowledge you need to understand “What God Is.” When we experience Him at this level ...
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Enliven Emotion

Sub titled : 'Inspirations from Caribbean Sea' includes Prose-like writings illustrated with colorful images of Willemstad-Curacao and self made artistically paintings. The themes are embroidered with nature-care and indulgent culture apt to be protected still flow of narrative will fluently ...
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StoryJacking: Change Your Inner Dialogue, Transform Your Life

Do you feel stuck and wish you were living in another story? You know the one, the story filled with happy relationships, where you love your career and have a sense of purpose as you make a life filled with ...
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Forbidden Birth

Unspeakable medical procedures.  A crazed serial killer.  Who will protect the innocent, and at what cost? Doctor Christopher Ravello is driven by an unquenchable desire to avenge his mother's senseless murder. He forsakes a lucrative career in medicine, and plunges ...
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Thirteen Days in Milan

Sylvia de Matteo, an American single mother, is taken hostage by terrorists during a political assassination at Stazione Centrale, Milan’s train station.  Moments later, a Paris-bound train departs Centrale with Sylvia's daughter and fiance aboard. Sylvia is seized at gunpoint, ...
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A Long Journey – New Direction

Sophie Walker left England with a broken heart eight years ago but has come back for a once in a lifetime work opportunity. During a chance encounter, Sophie runs into her ex-boyfriend Geoff Carmichael and his sister Emma, the two ...
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Seasons in the Garden

Ever since the first garden appeared on earth and seasons were set in place, humankind has been subject to, as well as inspired by, the changes taking place in nature. In spring, new life appears, followed by summer's flowering, fall's ...
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Surprised by inheriting spectacular emeralds and a lavish home on Lake Michigan, Olivia Hobart is compelled to uncover the secrets of her mother’s past. Ignoring her controlling husband’s wishes, she moves into Dunes House to learn what has been concealed ...
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No One Sleeps

Milan's elite anti-terrorism DIGOS police receive a tip that a sleeper cell of Muslim terrorists have received toxic chemicals from Pakistan to make deadly sarin gas. The terrorist leader has access to Milan's centers of finance, technology, commerce, and entertainment ...
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A Long Journey – The Adventure Begins

In 1992, fourteen-year-old American, Sophie Walker receives an scholarship to attend the English boarding school, Dowsford College for high school. It is difficult for her as Geoff Carmichael and his friends like to torment Sophie for being different. During their ...
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The Winter Loon

In the shadow of the Great Depression, long before the historical changes leading toward LGBTQ advocacy and equality, unpretentious eighteen-year-old Ruth Thompson surprises everyone when she defies expectations to marry her sweetheart Duke. Impulsively deciding to join a rodeo circuit ...
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A SMALL TOWN MURDER. A SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE? A FLORIST WHO REFUSES HELP...Mara dreams died the night a drunk driver killed her parents and sister, and left her permanently wounded. After months of therapy, she's finally adjusting to her ...
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ADORATION -loving Botticelli

ADORATION - loving Botticelli Sixty-four year-old art history professor, Linton Ross-Howard’s, retirement allows her time to mull over her romantic past – the loves that failed to show and the ones that got away without leaving footprints. But one suppressed ...
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Currencies of August

WOULD YOU KNOW HOW TO PROPOSITION YOUR FIRST-GRADE TEACHER? Professor Jeremiah Curtin has a problem. Actually, he has several. It's his first year of college teaching, and already he's disillusioned. He assumes his father, a long-time academic, will take a ...
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Falling Out of Focus

I was drowning, but all I needed to do was breathe. It was 5:45pm when I decided my future. By 9:43 I was well on my way to making it all come true. At 11:16 I took the first step ...
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Organ-isms: Anecdotes from the World of the King of Instruments

Why did Sir David Willcocks put his wife in the swellbox of Salisbury Cathedral organ during a live BBC broadcast? Did Christopher Herrick really play the first topless organ concert? What was Massimo Nosetti doing tip-toeing through a stranger's kitchen ...
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Flowers in December

A MAN GOES HOME TO BURY HIS MOTHER BUT FINDS HIMSELF…                            Connor Norton returns to his hometown, following the death of his mother, knowing that he will have to ...
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The Beatin’ Path – a lyrical guide to lucid evolution

Which part of the human mind will finalize our fate? The part that wrote the Gettysburg Address – or the part that murdered Abraham Lincoln? The Beatin’ Path - a lyrical guide to lucid evolution levels a look at both ...
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The Dog That Barked Bear

Bizzy was a great dog . . . except for the fact that she barked all the time and often at imaginary things that only Bizzy could see. Eventually, the family grew tired of her constant barking, until one day ...
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SECOND LISA Fate is More Mysterious Than a Smile A story of lost identities, missing paintings, and love carried over five centuries. A biography of Leonardo da Vinci, his forgotten sister, Lisabetta Buti, and Lisa’s lover Sandro Botticelli, brought to ...
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To Charm a Killer

As one of you has spun the charm, now none of you are safe from harm. One who all felt they could trust, breeds deception cloaked in lust. One will gain their heart's desire; while yet another pays with fire. ...
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Monsters in my Garden

A 32 page picture book about the various monsters that visit a girls garden, who they are, how much fun they have and how they help kids learn to deal with fears and understand the world. There is a surprise ...
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Manual Labour – Behind the Façade of Organs and their Organists

Unlock the secret world of organs and their organists ~ you’re in for a big surprise. Colossal or tiny. Deafening or barely audible. Centuries-old or built yesterday. Famous or insignificant.  Every organ is unique. They’re always fascinating, sometimes exotic, and often ...
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BLOCKBUSTER BRANDING For “The Little Guy”, subtitle, How to Rock What You Got: business, service, product or book

For the first time ever, a book has revolutionized how we name things and simplified how to brand them, while offering the start-up entrepreneur encouragement, tools and resources. Discover an easy-to-replicate formula to create a Blockbuster persuasive name and Blockbuster ...
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Dun Dun did it

Anyone who has a child goes through the many explanations of how they didn't do whatever they are getting in trouble for. See how a young boy tries to convince his parents that he it wasn't him but in fact ...
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To Sleep with Stones

TO SLEEP WITH STONES CAN REVEAL HISTORY— IT CAN ALSO GET YOU JAILED FOR MURDER When a renegade archaeologist discovers an ancient Egyptian artifact in Scotland, Dylan McBride’s world turns upside down. Imprisoned for murder, he summons his friend, the ...
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Holiday Freedom

A dramatic story, of a girl born into slavery that can't wait for the Holidays. Sarah can't wait until her Dad tell her the good news, so that she can visit her family on another plantation. Sarah's dad came home ...
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Freedom from Trauma in America

Freedom from Trauma in America is a picaresque adventure featuring Paul Revere, whose comment after The Balloon and Shower Room Escape sums up the narrative quest of this novel: “We look across treetops, watching the sun emerge behind hills, its ...
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I Am Soulshine: A Book of Empowerment

I Am Soulshine offers a global message of hope, love, and compassion for children and adults. With empowering words and awe-inspiring photographs, this book was designed to help gently guide you through your inner chakra system. The images selected for ...
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Our New World

In this book, early in the 1600's an African boy name Adom was confused of all the new changes that was about to happen to his tribe. Adom wants to know why Englishmen was coming to lead them to a ...
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Freedom from Trauma in Dementia: A Caregiving Guide

Freedom from Trauma in Dementia describes how to overcome the emotional impact of the disease. This guide provides caregiving advice on wide-ranging problems, including mind-wandering, falls, sleeping, exercise, fatigue, overcoming the urge to be impatient, being outdoors, mobility, self-esteem and ...
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And When the Music Stops

What is the strange incessant music that keeps Wilhelm and his people, the Hundeiss, in slavery? Living and working underground all their lives, none of them has ever seen daylight. So when a chance rock fall enables Wilhelm to escape ...
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Curious Women – poetry collection

Women I have known - real and imaginary! ...
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TWINTER – the first portal

TWINTER - the first portal Ghosts, time-travel, a dozen impossible riddles, and a curse of snow Twelve-year-old twins, Kit (a keen boy-scientist) and Bash (a girl with a natural ‘green thumb’ and a flair for elaborate words) are excited to ...
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Rose – a precocious young girl in 1930s Wisconsin – runs away from home to avoid going onto high school and what she sees as a certain path to marriage and motherhood. What she seeks is adventure. What she finds ...
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Living in the House of Drugs

As a child in 1980s, Chicago Willie stole to help feed his brothers, sister, and himself. In grade school his teacher told him to have his parents help him with his homework, but his mother, the only parent around, didn’t ...
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A Moment of Sky! Poetry with Space to Write

A MOMENT OF SKY! comes from the effervescent light of Midwest American faces, from thickening landscapes inside and outside of ourselves, hitched on precious memories and cartwheeling curiosity. Through Bill Lemmer’s eyes and ears in the chorusing of others to ...
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The Red Velvet Box

It is 1954 and Katherine Gale has just turned thirteen, though she likes it when people say she looks older. Being thirteen means friends are paramount, right up there with the latest fashion and disdain of younger siblings. In addition, ...
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A TITANIC-INSPIRED paranormal romance A BOY LOSES HIS SHOES BETWEEN HEAVEN and the DEEP BLUE SEA Finn Cleary is an excited five-year-old passenger heading for a new life on Titanic’s maiden voyage. But fate not only denies him his New York destination, it also separates ...
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The Language of Flowers and the Victorian Garden

Inspired by a rare 19th century floral dictionary found in a little Cornish antique shop, Rachel Henry book investigates each of the plants listed there to see how it was grown in the Victorian garden, and compares its language-of-flowers meaning ...
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Will the Real Caroyln Keene Please Stand Up

If you always wondered how the plucky, intelligent, resourceful, and famous girl sleuth we affectionately call Nancy Drew came into being, “Will the Real Carolyn Keene Please Stand Up” will give you a surprising and entertaining view of the lives ...
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Synthetic Literary Criticism

It is, of course, legitimate to urge writers of individual interpretations to synthesize, to generalize and abstract…, but in the corrective offered by those who most commonly urge synthesis, this is not in fact done, but instead the reverse; the ...
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The Daughters of Maine

"With vivid scenes and likable characters, Thawer's series is a definite winner! Come for the adventure - and stay for the awesome witchery." ~ New York Times #1 Bestselling author, PC Cast Through space and time, sisters entwined. Lost then ...
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The Maharajahar

I’ve derived my pen name and image from the Hindu sage Vyasa who lived around 1000 BC and who’s mostly known as the author and one of the protagonists of the Mahabharata or "the great tale of the Bhārata dynasty" ...
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Dillon’s Rising

The Easter Rising in 1916 brings guns and slaughter to the streets of Dublin. Espionage, love and revenge drive this historical thriller that finds secret agent, Will Dillon, in fear for his life from both British soldiers and the Republican rebels ...
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Intrigue in Istanbul: An Agnes Kelly Mystery Adventure

The award winning Intrigue in Istanbul: An Agnes Kelly Mystery Adventure is set in 1961, a time of the cold war and space race. But that isn’t on Agnes’ radar. Her dad has died and during a trip with her ...
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Fatal Obsession

The latest thriller in the Widow’s Web series will keep you in suspense right from the start. Going on the run is hard enough - but it’s nearly impossible when you’re pregnant. Sophie’s fairytale life turns into a nightmare when ...
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Making Friends with Depression: A warm and wise companion to recovery

If you're suffering from depression or low mood, you can end up feeling very alone, desperately struggling to find a way through - but recovery is possible and, in Making Friends with Depression, bestselling authors Sarah Rayner and Kate Harrison, ...
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The Other Half

Chloe - savvy, hip and single - is a feature writer with ambitions to launch a magazine of he own. When she meets James, her potential new boss, she knows she shouldn't mix business with pleasure but finds it impossible ...
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Jaguar, Painter Place Saga Book 3

Caroline and Chad Gregory are happy on their island home at Painter Place. But suddenly, an old vendetta against them puts Caroline in terrible danger. Her enemies are closing in, and the future of Painter Place is at stake. Her ...
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Making Friends with Anxiety

A warm and supportive little book to help ease worry and panic by bestselling author Sarah Rayner - 2017 edition. Drawing on her own experience of anxiety disorder and recovery, Sarah Rayner shares her insights into this extremely common and ...
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Hotshot Romance

Jill thought she had it figured out. Quit her job, hit the road as a hot shot driver delivering RVs across the country and lay low. No bills. No home. No way to be found. With each step she tells ...
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A Different Kind of Cheerleader

All I ever wanted was to be a cheerleader. That's it. Just lead my squad running and screaming across the gym floor while the students rocked the bleachers. But that will never happen. Dreams like that stopped after my accident ...
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The Forbidden City

They sent his own legions to hunt him down. Assassins lurk behind every corner. The woman he loves is in danger. As if that is not enough, they want to unleash a terrible ancient evil to plunge the world into ...
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The Lady Is a Mayor

Protesters, clashing viewpoints, economic crisis. No, not the presidential campaign. It all happens in my romance novella. And yes, it's a comedy. If you need a break from national politics, here's a lighter look at political goings on in a ...
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A Different Kind of Black Belt

17-year-old Meg Barnes is all about control. Too bad the only kind of control she can find is with a razor. As if life wasn't hard enough, an accident has forced her to view everything from a wheelchair. Then a ...
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How to Eat Like a Dragon

This extraordinary recipe book is for you. It’s the first ever collection that makes it possible for everyone to eat like a dragon...bearded that is... Healthy foods are magically transformed into favorite dishes. Glimmering pages hold untold riches in bearded ...
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UNeducation: A Residential School Graphic Novel

The chilling chronicles of a family's government-sanctioned exploitation in the mandatory Canadian residential school system ...
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In The Wreckage

In a future ravaged by climate change, two brothers stow away on a tall ship headed for the melting arctic, searching for revenge, redemption, runaway parents – and priceless buried treasure.  Abandoned by their parents, Conall and Faro Hawkins survive ...
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Four Days to Fusion

To save her friends she will have to burn. In a small town in the middle of the U.S., the only thing Seren wants to do is fit in. This proves difficult when everything about her is different and people ...
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The King’s Voice

The King’s Voice is a fantasy novel set in the vast and vibrant land of Goaero. The story begins with a mute king whose voice has been stolen away. His brother, the evil Prince Encoda bestows soldier Mallory with the ...
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9780994284501-Perfect_The Kings Voice.indd

Bumby & The Silver Beach: An Ernest Hemingway Story

BUMBY & THE SILVER BEACH is a work of historical fiction that takes place in Paris on October 20, 1927. The story involves Ernest Hemingway, his son Bumby, and the owner of the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore.   Bumby ...
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The Demon Pool

Would you sell your soul to live forever? Or to save a friend? Questions Florida Highway Patrol Investigator Jim Demore never dreamed he must answer. Until his investigation of a horrific crash on I-75 pushes him beyond the realities of ...
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The Highlander’s English Woman

Laura Reynolds and long-time friend of Jamie Maxwell Collins are in love. She adores his playful sense of humor, caring nature as well as his strong sense of honor. They have known each other from the time Jamie trained with ...
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Winterskin: A Dark Fantasy

The Path. Perilous. Brutal. Deadly. It is said that if a man journeys in alone, he’ll never return and there will be no corpse to bury. Thousands of lives hang in the balance. Braving the Path is the key to ...
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Fire Hunt

Julia was dedicated to the cause, even though she was marked a traitor by her own kind for becoming a Federal Witch Hunter. When her partner captures a man from her past, Julia must make a choice: Let the witch ...
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Sins of the Warrior

Heaven and Hell are at war The clock is ticking Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis’s niece is missing. Her sister has descended into madness. And the human race is caught in a relentless spiral toward self-destruction that Alex is desperate to ...
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Grey Magic

Meet Raven Kane: an eccentric, hexing-and-texting witch with a special talent for attracting trouble. Raven is a hip, multi-tasking sorceress – or at least, she used to be. Now her ancient timber house is falling down around her, and nothing would make ...
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The Memory of Water

Slade Harris will do anything for a story, including murdering the woman he loves.  Slade doesn’t think twice about jumping out of a plane or conducting disastrous love affairs to gather material for his work, but his self-indulgent life is ...
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Why You Were Taken

In tomorrow’s world prowls a creative and ruthlessly efficient assassin who won’t stop until Kirsten is killed. A troubled woman approaches Kirsten with a warning and a key and is later found dead. Was the woman just another victim of ...
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Why You Were Taken

In tomorrow’s world prowls a creative and ruthlessly efficient assassin who won’t stop until Kirsten is killed. A troubled woman approaches Kirsten with a warning and a key and is later found dead. Was the woman just another victim of ...
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Spirit Hunger

Adi is an ordinary student with an extraordinary talent. All around her, she sees wild animals—monkeys on people's shoulders, tigers walking by their sides. When her visions turn into terrifying nightmares, Adi fears for her sanity. Honi is a young Mekui’te ...
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Six Dead Men

Snapshots of six dead men – their lives steeped in squalor.  Six lives extinguished in mysterious circumstances.  In life they infected what they touched and in death they continue to wreak havoc.  Let’s move on to Detective Inspector Robert Deed.  ...
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Sell Online the Easy Way – The Aussie Guide to Turning your Clutter into Cash

Are you running out of space to store the items in your home you no longer use? Do you want to sell them online but don’t know how? In Selling Online the Easy Way seasoned online seller Sally Salvati shows ...
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Dictionary of Publishing Terms: What Every Writer Needs to Know

The Must-Have Book to Help All Writers Understand Publishing Lingo Are you anxious to finish writing your book and see it in print? Tempted to self-publish but find that reading about the process is like learning a foreign language? Heard ...
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Results-Driven Event Planning: Using Marketing Tools to Boost Your Bottom Line

Create measurable events for your clients and your company  Need to add some punch to your annual awards dinner? Assigned to produce he volunteer appreciation event? Thinking about a career as an event planner? Results-Driven Event Planning: Using Marketing Tools ...
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Five Weeks in Florence

“An entertaining mix of short stories that make you anxious to read one after another. The storytelling is delightfully vivid.” Gin Sander, author, The Big Bucket List Book, 133 Experiences of a Lifetime …………………………………………………………………. ART, FOOD, HISTORY, ROMANCE… and the ...
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Paperback cover for the book Five Weeks in Florence


This city is falling. Seventeen-year-old Anais Finch lives in a world where everyone is born beautiful, where every dream is a possibility - and where their every move and every piece of personal information is recorded by an ID picochip ...
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Oz and the Fury

Tommy Oswald doesn’t go to school, and he’s never had a friend. He lives in the dingy attic of a rundown house, on a farm that doesn’t grow much of anything. He’s never visited another town, much less met a ...
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Echoes of Justice

When Kathy Wylde sets out to take revenge on the gang of youths who kicked her son, Jack, to death, she finds herself on the wrong side of a vicious and dangerous criminal. As Detective Inspector Matt Turrell, of the ...
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Urge to Kill

‘Matt shivered at the odd mix of images. It was almost as if they had the copper's nightmare to deal with - a child murder.  Except this was no innocent child but a young woman, he would guess around twenty-two and ...
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Sweet Chariots

Set in the coastal islands of South Carolina during the mid-fifties, as a dying culture fades into memory, Sweet Chariots follows Henry Jean Yuncie on his bewildering journey from boy to man. Can Henry Jean break free from the grandmother ...
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For Want of a Father

Fathers, daughters, and expectations In 1859, half-sisters Lucy and Cordelia travel by stagecoach from Westport, Missouri to Kansas Territory. Since their mother’s death four years ago, both have lived with their aunt. Now Lucy’s father wants her home. For Lucy, ...
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Possessing Sara

Is the woman he wants to marry possessed? Sara Kramer is pursued by two men of opposite but equally strong faiths: Garth Drummond, a New Age psychic healer and Junior Lawson, a fundamentalist preacher. When Sara refuses the preacher's proposal, ...
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Red Ribbons

Robbie had never asked to become a girl, he had only agreed to help his mother start her sewing business. After all, the family was destitute after the death of his father. But, everything had spiraled out of control. Now ...
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Einstein’s Compass: a Novel of What If

What if…
… Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, was actually working with supernatural forces beyond imagination?
… young Einstein, at the age of six, received an ancient compass from pre-history that changed the course of his ...
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Dancing Shadows, Tramping Hooves

Dancing Shadows, Tramping Hooves is a collection of half a dozen short stories. Tales of outsiders who discover they belong, a humorous slice of life yarn, heartwarming love stories and a tale of taming fear. The shadows are on the ...
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An Unbidden Visitor

A tale of family, friends, and fear... And the unnatural force that threatens to ruin everything... March 1913: Struggling to make ends meet, widow Bridget Murphy finds life in rural Ireland difficult, raising six children while farming her small acreage ...
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The Christmas Cure

During the Second World War, one song familiar to American servicemen and women around the world conjured warm, comforting memories like no other. But, for some "White Christmas" unbearably deepened their longing for home. December 1942: Lieutenant Marjorie Baxter is ...
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It's February, 1993, and trucker Archie “Super Man” Harlanson is traveling to New York's Hudson Valley with misgivings. He's eager to see his girlfriend Debbie, but her elitist parents? Not so much. When he ends up at the family home, ...
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The Yankee Years Boxset Books 1-3

After the Allied troops arrived in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland during the Second World War, life in the quiet, rural county would never be the same again. Book 1: The Shadow Ally June 1941: When Ruth Corey finds a letter her ...
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The Zen Detective

On the road to Zen enlightenment, homicide detective Will Mansion takes a seductive detour down the path to perdition. When a bust goes terribly wrong, Paradise City detective Will Mansion nearly dies while saving his partner. On leave, Will seeks ...
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False Gods

Cory Iverson’s junior year is off to a lousy start. Publicly humiliated by the school’s hottest guy and terrorized by a bullying band director, Cory flees sports try-outs and just about everything else she begins, earning a reputation as a ...
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House of Grace

It’s 1950 and all sixteen-year-old Grace Granville has ever wanted is to become a successful dress designer. She dreams of owning her own fashion house and spends her spare time sketching outfits. Her father, Lord Granville, sees this frivolous activity ...
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The Secret of Kite Hill

Do you know every nook and cranny of your neighborhood? How about UNDER your neighborhood? Do you let your kids walk home from school? It's just a few blocks, right? What lurks in the shadows? In the bushes? Or scarier ...
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The Secret of Markree Castle

4 young boys are invited to a wedding.  Booooorrrrrinnnggg! But it's in a castle! Woo hoo! But there's a babysitter. Booo! She flaked. Yaaaayyyyy! 4 young boys have 3 long days in 1 medieval castle. With curiosity and ...
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Markree Covers

How Blue is My Valley

The true scents of Provence? Lavender, thyme and septic tank. There are hundreds of interesting things you can do in a bath but washing dishes is not one of them, nor what writer Jean Gill had in mind when ...
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Song at Dawn

1150: Provence On the run from abuse, Estela wakes in a ditch with only her lute, her amazing voice, and a dagger hidden in her underskirt. Her talent finds a patron in Aliénor of Aquitaine and more than a music ...
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Faithful Through Hard Times

The true story of four years, 3 million bombs, one small island out-facing the might of the German and Italian airforces - and one young Scotsman who didn't want to be there. This is not a WW2 memoir. It is a ...
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More Than One Kind

Swap jobs for a year: change your life forever  'You're old and cold,' are the words that end Anne Grüber's three-year relationship with a fellow-teacher. A hurtful insult that she fears may be true. What chance does she have now ...
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Someone To Look Up To: a dog’s search for love and understanding

A dog's life in the south of France. From puppyhood, Sirius the Pyrenean Mountain Dog has been trying to understand his humans and train them with kindness.   How this led to their divorce he has no idea. More misunderstandings ...
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God’s Dice

An unlikely roll of God’s Dice creates an autistic-savant serial killer, and brings two people together who must stop him or become his next victims. Heck, a divorced psychologist with an autistic son and a guilt-ridden past, and Sal, an ambitious ...
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Time Shifters: Into the Past

Time-shifted to the past, three twenty-first century children fight to survive or risk being lost in time forever. When Maisie Brown is time-shifted to 1471 during a school trip to Warwick Castle, it’s the beginning of an adventure bigger than ...
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Beneath the Apple Blossom

Four women, linked by blood ties, friendship, betrayal, loss and hope, struggle with the choices they’ve made and the hand that life’s dealt them. All Pippa’s ever wanted is marriage and kids, but at thirty-four and about to embark on ...
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The Butterfly Storm

Four years ago life for Sophie Keech was perfect. A new start in Greece with Alekos, her boyfriend of just six weeks, removes Sophie from a mundane 9-5 job, takes her away from the difficult relationship she has with her ...
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the Penitent – Part I

"This book is a must read for science fiction and fantasy fans, or for anyone who enjoys reading some good old–fashioned escapism. the Penitent is a smart debut novel by A. Keith Carreiro. I found this multilayered story to be ...
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The Immortality Wars_The Penitent_Part 1_EBOOK_Cover_03

New Praetorians 1: Sienna McKnight

NEW PRAETORIANS 1- SIENNA MCKNIGHT Her War Her Rules The Heroine expected by no one in a Sci-Fi technothriller you won’t want to put down. “After the explosion there is an interlude, a stunned lull. In other places one might ...
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Will this self-absorbed racing star destroy herself?  Racing in her second Formula One season, Samantha suddenly finds her life more complicated than ever. Juggling the racing, her family, and's an 80 hour a week job that's stressful to say ...
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Spies Like Me

Can she bring these girls together?  When she discovers her father's plane crash wasn't an accident, sixteen year old Emma wants to punish those responsible. Even if it means becoming a spy. The mysterious organization known simply as The Authority ...
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Does Samantha deserve to live her dream?  On a dark rainy highway, 16-year-old Samantha drove the car that killed her dad. Convinced she was spared for a reason, Samantha dedicates her life to becoming what her dad always planned her ...
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Chemo, Cupcakes and Carpools:How to go Through Chemo With Your Marriage, Your Family and Your Sanity Intact

"You have Cancer." When a parent hears those words, like anyone, they are scared. For a parent the question on the heels of “Will I die?” is "What about my kids?” This is the question that has been asked of ...
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Brownstone, A Jack Elliot Thriller

The key to the world’s fate discovers a devastating secret, divinely hidden since the days of Genesis, as he seeks out his family's murderer, only to find that a clandestine organization plans to reshape humanity on the heels of destruction. ...
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Riding with the Hides of Hell

“It’s always trouble with you.” While grieving the death of his mom, Will Sullivan, sixteen, drinks drives, and lands his butt in the hospital, lucky to be alive. Enter his dad’s buddies from the Hides of Hell Motorcycle Club. They’ve ...
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Search for the Golden Serpent

A true page-turner, in a similar vein to Wilbur Smith and David Gemmell, is an action-packed adventure story catapulting a reluctant hero from one dangerous encounter to another. Evan has been having some very strange dreams. The Perth-based architect dismissed ...
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Starlight Max

A PRISONER. A PILOT. A WORLD THAT'S LOST WITHOUT THEIR HELP. Kindra Ara thought that working for the deranged Dr. Kincaid would help buy her way to freedom. Without parents to turn to, Kindra and her autistic best friend Alix ...
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Recycling Humanity

EARTH IS DYING. HUMANITY PREPARES FOR THE NEXT STEP. ONE GIRL MAY HOLD THE KEY TO SURVIVAL. As mankind clings to life in space habitats above their dying home, 17-year-old Kaci Lee is hopeful of the future. After all, she ...
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Blood Ice & Oak Moon

Esme Underhill is about to discover a darkness hidden inside her that could destroy her chance for independence and possibly kill her. Esme’s mother took her young daughter away from Southern Indiana’s Coon Hollow Coven to prevent her from learning ...
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Corpse Pose: And Other Tales

A yoga teacher's devotion to her students is tested because she's a vampire. A stuffed tiger longs to protect the teenage girl who owns him. A substitute teacher reveals unorthodox methods of handling an unruly class. A high school student, ...
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Dealing with Blue

“Name your price, Suzy Blue. Everyone’s got one.” Life used to be “normal” until Suzy Blue moves in with her mom, a hoarder. Then things turn secretive and claustrophobic. So when the charming neighbor boy, J.J. Radborne, wants to strike ...
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Human Remains

“Human Remains strikes straight at the heart of today’s most controversial and moving issues, through the hothouse world of big-bucks medical research. Impressive and complex. This is good stuff. Big stuff.” Richard Quarry, Author of Midnight Choir When Dr. Hope Sze retreats to an ...
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The Girl from Oto

Every painting tells a story. The trick is in unlocking its secrets... When art historian Zari Durrell scores a coveted position in Scotland researching the life and work of artist Cornelia van der Zee, she decodes clues hidden in two ...
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Timber Rose

1907. Women climbing mountains in skirts. Loggers fighting for the eight hour day. The forests and mountains of the North Cascades are alive with progress, but not everyone is on board. Caroline Symington comes from a prominent family in Portland, ...
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Ready, Fire, Aim! An Immigrant’s Tales of Entrepreneurial Terror

Under the best conditions, being an entrepreneur can be filled with anxiety and trepidation. Throw in some challenging circumstances, and trepidation turns to downright terror. Charles Ota Heller is a Holocaust survivor who arrived in the US as a penniless ...
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Story Alchemy: The Search for the Philosopher’s Stone of Story Telling

David Sheppard’s Novelsmithing saved my last novel; his Story Alchemy may well save my work-in-progress. This is the most unusual book on craft I have ever read. My head is popping with new insights on the nature of storytelling, dream ...
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When Your Life Depends on It: Extreme decision making lessons from the Antarctic

Antarctica–the early 1900s. The only communication is as far as you can shout. “This book is a page-turner with true stories that will sear you to the depth of your soul.” Dr. David Wilson, author of The Lost Photographs of ...
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Father, Son & Grace

Benny, an eleven-year-old with Down syndrome and a love for action movies, decides to save his grieving dad from the dark halo of death, setting off a chain of adventures and accidental heroism that stretches from Ohio to Nevada. Ray ...
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Bounty Huntress

Janda Gray’s a Lykoi—part werecat, part wolf—shunned by both sides of her lineage. She yearns for the day when she can escape the disdainful glances and leave her home on the outskirts of Sleepy Hollow, NY. When she lands a ...
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I AM I: The In-Dweller Of Your Heart Collection

I AM I, the light and power throughout Creation, and reside within every element and life form across time, space and all dimensions. Therefore, I do not ask you to give up, deny, or cast favor over anyone or anything, ...
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Tyrabbisaurus Rex

Tyrabbisaurus Rex doesn't appreciate being locked in a cage. Sure it has three levels and is full of scrumptious veggies, but that doesn't mean he's willing to accept his fate as a classroom pet. Ginger's not happy about the always ...
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The Trouble with Antlers (a.k.a. Melvin’s Rampant Rack)

In a high school full of shifters, it's the one inquisitive human who poses the biggest threat. When a human is the only applicant for town veterinarian and moves to Shifterville with his teenaged daughter, Amelia, the town residents conspire ...
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Clouds of Tyranny

In the year 2264, a meteor strikes Earth with such force that it nearly eliminates all living inhabitants. All technology is lost within the rubble of the planet's destruction, wiping our slate clean. After over 250 years, the planet begins ...
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Your Own Life As An Adult

Here are the TOP QUICK Tips to Become an Adult! This Quick Guide Answers Your Vital Questions About What You Need To Know Now This book is virtually a D.I.Y. on how to rent your first place, how to shop ...
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Castle Danger

Fugitive Matt Lanier, unjustly accused of a violent crime, has been hiding in the northeastern Minnesota wilderness for nine months. The law wants him in jail. His enemies want him dead. He simply wants to survive the most brutal winter ...
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Tea Explorations Journal: Track Your Own Tea Tasting Adventures

Record Your Tea Adventures Using this Keepsake Journal! So many tea choices! How do you keep them all straight? Using this journal, you can keep a detailed record of every tea you experience – be it bagged or loose, black, ...
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Single Striper: A Sideways Odyssey through the Peacetime Army

Warning: In these pages no one is shot wading ashore on some contested Pacific island with his pulse hammering and his M-1 held head-high out of the water, or is picked off by a sniper hiding in the crumbling bell ...
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The Devil’s Luck

Detective Kate Bowen is accustomed to dealing with difficult men as she leads Dublin’s Surveillance and Intelligence Unit, and in her disastrous love life. But when her team discover ex-IRA stirrings and chatter of an alliance between a rogue group ...
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Intruders: Flight of the Kestrel book 1

Tabitha Enns is given work experience on board the Kestrel, on the adventure of her life, that will push her to the limit. When a hostile alien species are discovered, the Kestrel is sent to make contact, leading the crew ...
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My Stroke of Inspiration

A collection of poems written while recovering from a stroke, but surprisingly cheerful. The poems talk about suffering and patience, therapy and faith. If you are a stroke survivor or know someone who is, these poems will comfort, encourage and ...
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The Magna Carta Story: The Layman’s Guide to the Great Charter

The layman's guide to Magna Carta and a good story too. The relationships, arguments, bad behaviour, and civil war around the imposition of the Great Charter on King John, and what happened afterwards. Why is it considered so important after ...
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Broken Reed: The Lords of Gower and King John

William de Breos rose to a position of great power and influence as a close confidant of King John, but when his wife revealed John's greatest secret John's revenge was brutal. William's sons and grandson turned to Llywelyn the Great, ...
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Alina, the White Lady of Oystermouth

Alina, The White Lady of Oystermouth is an exciting book about some little-known Gower history. What began with a curiosity about the heyday of Swansea Castle, resulted in the only book about the life of Alina de Breos and the ...
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The First Crown: A Caledan Novelette

It's easy to kill a man. It's hard to kill a dragon. Is it impossible to kill a god? Bahr, the god of Fire and War, is terrorising the land, annihilating men, Eldarkind and dragons alike. Nothing can stand before ...
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Kilimanjaro Diaries: Or, How I Spent a Week Dreaming of Toilets, Drinking Crappy Water, and Making Bad Jokes While Having the Time of My Life

When expat blogger and mother of four Eva Melusine Thieme first harbors the idea of ringing out her three years in Africa on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, it sounds easy. In fact, it has all the trappings of a ...
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Nadja’s life was perfectly planned: marry Luca, learn his trade, have their children. But the night of their betrothal celebration, her plans go up in smoke. Now on the run, she’ll have to leave behind the only life she’s ever ...
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Beyond Terra

Enduring Hardship. Treachery. Mind Over Mind. When things—dark things—swoop and crawl from the pollution, the time for action is nigh. Trenton Bonner is just the one to attempt saving the realm. A lifetime of using his arms as legs gives ...
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Beyond The Dark Gate

A Journey Of Epic Proportions. A Heroic Battle Against Absolute Domination. Ultimate Sacrifice. Faced with a choice that could save or destroy those Crystalyn loves, madness looms at the edge of her broken mind. Jade’s aura-reading ability develops, evolving beyond ...
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Beyond The Sapphire Gate

Raw power. Granite resolution. Dark betrayal. Crystalyn Creek has the potential to become Astura’s greatest power if she can master using symbols of power though she seeks no greatness. She wants only to find the dear sister she raised when ...
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Enchanting the Fey

The day Desmoree Shale was kidnapped and awoke naked on a slab in a Sydney morgue should have been the worst day of her life – but she’s not dead, barely harmed, and her would be assassin, Jax, is actually ...
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The Author Platform: A Beginner’s Guide

Authors, tired of wasting valuable writing time?! ·      Have no idea what to do with a blog, website, social media or newsletter? ·      Dread the thought of learning more technology? ·      Feel like you’re drowning in a technology swamp? Let award ...
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Blogging for Authors

Do you want to find more readers for your book? Do you feel uncertain about the technology or what to blog about? Technical trainer Barb Drozdowich has been blogging for the better part of a decade & knows what authors ...
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SMILE! and other practical life lessons your dogs can teach you (while you are training them)

Seeking a practical approach to solving issues with your dogs? Smile, and enjoy the dogs you've always wanted! Smile! is about reducing tension, communicating clearly, leading the way and honoring pivotal differences. It is about practicing kindness, dumping bad habits ...
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BITTERSWEET In the British army of 1872, corrupt young officers play games of a different kind. Their favourite is to rape young society women in their homes. The rogues make a competition out of it. The more girls the regiments ...
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There's no slavery in the Yorkshire Dales, not in 1887, not ever. But loving families use artful schemes to enslave the innocent. Twenty nine year-old Tizzie is such an innocent. She has worked herself down to skin and bones as ...
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Walking the Divide – The Gray Eyes Series Book Three

Elyssa Thompson, wealthy Manhattan upper class girl, wants something more from life, something meaningful beyond the drunken rich kid parties and shallow talk about clothes and makeup. Zander Fredrick, street kid, victim of a broken foster care system, survives with ...
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Breaking the Mold – The Gray Eyes Series Book Tow

A girl stuck in her father's mold. Olivia Kendall looks forward to her senior year of high school. But her world is shaken when a new boy walks into school, a boy she cannot help but be drawn to. But ...
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Crossing the Barrier – The Gray Eyes Series Book One

High school student Malakai Thomas, star wide receiver of the varsity team, collides with band member Lily Morgan on his way to football practice. As days go by, Malakai cannot get the petite clarinetist out of his head. Lily Morgan ...
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Cigerets, Guns & Beer

Murder, sex, buried bank loot and legends of UFOs: Dodd breaks up a convenience store robbery when his car breaks down in Sweet Water Falls, Texas. What’s the thanks he gets? The sheriff won’t let him leave, the car lot ...
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Raising Hell

A clueless optimist ruins Lucifer's perfectly good hell ...
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For the Love of a Centaur

Analise woke up in the hospital to find that her parents were dead. Her father’s business partner has inherited the ranch she grew up on. To make matters worse her father’s will stipulates she cannot receive her inheritance until she ...
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Last Thursday I awoke to learn that I died almost a month ago. I was rebuilt from a highly experimental process of clockwork and cloning, and I don’t know why. One man knows my secret—my creator, the lead of the ...
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American war veterans battled adversaries throughout the world to liberate persecuted people, eliminate oppression, protect the homeland and safeguard their comrades. Many soldiers were stricken with physical and mental maladies in their quest to uphold the Oath of Enlistment. Now, ...
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Belvedor and the Four Corners (Belvedor Saga, #1)

A slave city. A tyrannical king. A spellbinding secret. A warrior with a dormant gift. One girl to change the course of history. Immerse yourself in this bewitching new fantasy series as Arianna Belvedor takes on her dark and dangerous world to uncover its magic. As a ...
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Belvedor and the Four Corners

Against the Beast: A Terraunum Origins Novella

One man can stop the Skeptors. Will he rise up, or will he be crushed? In Terraunum, Rangers are the most powerful Marvels in the military. Blessed with Quantum Powers, they are the special forces assigned the missions no one ...
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Love’s Long Road

"This novel is an eye-opener... a sensational read. Five stars." NetGalley review. When Bobbie Sinclair's boyfriend commits suicide and blames her, she vows never to love again. Instead she chooses to lead a double existence, kind-hearted by day and promiscuous ...
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Heavy with the fog of time, Skidsville tells the story of a dark and doomed hero, driven by an unstoppable urge to unveil the truth behind his mother’s death and correct the wrong done. Living like an outcast, Joey’s only ...
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Sex and the Circus

A Story Of Self-Motivation In The Pursuit Of Happiness Written in an engaging way, this inspired satire by distinguished writer and comic creator Mike Gagnon, follows the steps of Patty Jones, towards making her dreams come true. Having lived all ...
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After seven wretched years of marriage, it almost took Darius everything he had, financially and psychologically, to finally be able to cut off Allison - his sociopath wife - from his life. Now, three years later, things couldn't be going ...
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Harps Upon the Willows

“Those who have the most to hope and nothing to lose will always be dangerous.” –Edmund Burke If Sir Richard Lynche, baronet of Duncullen, must evict tenants to make room for profitable cattle, so be it. It is 1766 and ...
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The Songweaver’s Vow

She tells Greek legends to entertain Norse gods — until one of her stories leads to murder. Now she's alone in hostile Asgard, and Ragnarok is coming. When Euthalia’s father trades her to Viking raiders, her best hope is to ...
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Body in the Freezer

After seven years in prison for the murder of his partner Gopika, Vishnu still struggles with demons of the past. He still doesn’t believe his memory of that fateful night . . . or maybe he does, and the world ...
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My Lord Ghost

She only wanted to save his soul. He needed to save her life. Laia Grace wasn’t raised among English society and besides meeting men was so much fun! But when the naive Regency miss introduces herself to the wrong person, ...
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The Flame of the North

Ten-year-old Mica hates the cold. Yet he’s bound by duty—and prophecy—to rule over the City of Winter as his grandfather’s heir. All signs seem to indicate that something is wrong and the reappearance of the Yuki-Onna in the Painted Hall ...
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Fake medicine kills. No-one is safe. Regulator Suzanne Jones’ mission to stop counterfeiting in Africa becomes personal when a friend buys a bottle of fake cough syrup with tragic consequences. But her investigations bring danger ever closer. In Uganda ...
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Gorgito’s Ice Rink

Two small boys grieving for lost sisters — torn between family and other loves. Can the fulfilment of one promise make up for the failure to keep an earlier one? When Gorgito Tabatadze sees his sister run off with a ...
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FOGGY NOTIONS: Memorandum of a Man-in-the-Making

An estimated 350 million people worldwide suffer from Depression in some form or another; that's roughly 5% of the global population.  Ten years ago this malady became the inspiration for the author to begin scribbling down his own personal experiences ...
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Goodbye To Italia

A timid Italian girl; a young soldier; a love story. A pretty little Italian girl skips outside to peer up at the unexpected drone of aeroplanes, unaware of the danger as her neighbour, an eccentric opera singer, fervently prays for ...
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Who Killed Sweet Violet? (A Black Water Whodunit)

Mandy Malone is on her way to Timber Ridge for a prescribed vacation with Sis and Gramps. When a rogue blizzard strands the bus passengers at Cedar Lake Mansion Bed and Breakfast, the murder of a young woman turns the ...
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There is Life After Layoff-Rediscovery and Empowerment Journal

A True Journey of Rediscovery and Purpose! The struggling economy has unfortunately affected thousands of people. Today, many of us have become all too familiar with what corporate America cleverly calls "Internal Restructuring," which is nothing more than a euphemism ...
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Kiss Me at Last

What's better than wine, chocolate and a little renovation magic? A sweet and sexy matchup between a handsome, hammer-swinging contractor, Sean McMallory, and a flirty and stubborn champagne bar owner, Melinda York, who's in a remodel pickle! Kiss Me at ...
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The Planck Factor

On a dare, grad student Jessica Evans writes a thriller, creating a nightmare scenario based upon the theory that the speed of light is not a constant—one that has a dark application. Her protagonist (the fiancé of a scientist killed ...
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Songs Of Harmony

A planet of psychics. A man with no memory. Being different might just save the world… From the moment he was dumped on the planet Harmony, Javin struggled to fit in. Not only was his memory wiped from day one, ...
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It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Tucked away in the desert is Palm Lakes Senior Community, a gated retirement village full of secrets and second chances. Every day the residents in Palm Lakes wake up with the opportunity to ...
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Celebrating Grandmothers

THE book for grandmothers about grandmothers and by grandmothers Becoming a grandmother is both exciting and challenging. In this book, 27 women describe – in their own words – how they responded to the many new pleasures and demands of ...
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The Ragnarök Chronicles

For Ragnarök will be completed.... Nothing marks Cassandra out—except her visions. She’d only ever seen small, insignificant things. That is until the strange frost arrives. With her normal life turned upside down, Cassandra is plunged into an extraordinary and terrifying ...
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The Last Pagan

Beshi visits a girlfriend in company of his friend Udom. A lion appears from a nearby bush. Beshi runs into a room. The lion devours Udom and sniffs out Beshi, drags him outside and heads back into the bush. Beshi ...
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Jane Hays has been told all her life that it’s dangerous to be out in the forest past sundown. At fifteen, she’s quite sure that it’s all old wives’ tales... yet, why does her village bar the gates every night? ...
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The Clone’s Mother

Kate finally has a date! He’s far more than she ever hoped for. But when her simplistic life unravels, and people she loves are murdered, she suspects her new boyfriend may be involved. But if she confronts him and if ...
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Giving Voice to Dawn

“Believing in reincarnation is so much kinder, you know.” I was pressed into a window seat on a DC Metro train screaming along the Red Line from Montgomery County to downtown when Mick dropped his bombshell in my ear. I ...
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That Still and Whispering Place

The tragedy tore them apart. How does a family survive the loss of a child? Alone again, desperate to pick up the pieces of her life, Claire returns to Bohenna, the small Cornish village where she grew up, married and ...
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Silent Faces, Painted Ghosts

Terri Challoner is a young London art curator - talented, ambitious and defensive. Brought up by her moody and taciturn father, her family’s past is a series of faceless blanks. Peter Stedding is an acclaimed and ageing portrait painter - ...
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Deep Water, Thin Ice

When her husband, Simon - a flamboyant conductor - kills himself, Alex is mortified that she failed to see it coming. Confused, guilt-ridden and grieving, she escapes to Hillen Hall, an old house by the coast in Devon, abandoning her ...
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It's February, 1993, and trucker Archie “Super Man” Harlanson is traveling to New York's Hudson Valley with misgivings. He's eager to see his girlfriend Debbie, but her elitist parents? Not so much. When he ends up at the family home, ...
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The Zen Detective

On the road to Zen enlightenment, homicide detective Will Mansion takes a seductive detour down the path to perdition. When a bust goes terribly wrong, Paradise City detective Will Mansion nearly dies while saving his partner. On leave, Will seeks ...
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The Secret Billionaire

The Secret Billionaire By Teymour Shahabi March 24. Billionaire Lyndon Surway takes off in his private plane and never returns. His will leaves the entirety of his wealth—one of the largest fortunes in history—to his “dear friend Lucian Baker.” Only ...
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Of Foster Homes and Flies

A neglected 12-year-old boy does nothing to report the death of his mother in order to compete in a spelling bee. A tragic coming-of-age tale of horror and drama in the setting of a hot New Orleans summer ...
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Shadow Whispers (The Light Keepers Trilogy #3)

There are fates worse than death… Victoria and her family are desperate to move on with their lives and put their dark memories behind them. But just because things appear calm doesn’t mean the dark shadows are not there—in fact, ...
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Eternal Darkness (The Light Keepers Trilogy #2)

There is something brewing in the town of Blackheath…something dark and ancient with the power to change the world forever. Victoria knows that she should leave the past where it belongs—buried and forgotten—but her intuition tells her otherwise. She knows ...
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In the Dark of Light (The Light Keepers Trilogy #1)

A dark secret, a chilling past, and a terrifying future. When Victoria discovers a shocking secret at her grandmother’s funeral, everything she has ever known is suddenly thrown into question. As she hunts for the truth about her family’s past, ...
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In a world blinded by oppression, humanity is on the brink of destruction—and Elizabeth Dart has been chosen… The year is 2047. Elizabeth lives a monotonous life in Detroit, a city that is the glowing pride of the Global Federation: ...
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Love Hard Love Deep

A former marine now turned corporate business owner, Richard “Rick” Thorne never did anything half-assed. He was an all or nothing kind of guy. Always had been. So giving his heart to the woman he loved was a no-brainer. She ...
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The Knight’s Order (Knights of Mythreth Book 1)

Aden wanted adventure. Now, he only wants answers. The day had been like any other. Another successful mission with Guardian Brant Cormell. Aden Fendrie was one step closer to knighthood. And then… Goblins. People thought they were mere legend, whispered ...
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The Longest Road: A Whinburg Township Amish novel

“Forgiveness is the longest road, yet it is the shortest distance between two hearts.” —Whinburg Amish proverb Thirteen years ago, two little Amish girls disappeared from an orchard in Whinburg Township, Pennsylvania. It was just a blip on the TV news ...
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Fields of Air: A steampunk adventure novel

Her father started a war. She intends to stop it. Her father may have sacrificed his own life to save hers, but heiress Gloria Meriwether-Astor is finding it difficult to forgive him. After all, how many young ladies of her ...
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The Jøssing Affair

British-trained Norwegian intelligence agent Tore Haugland has enough worries when he is sent to a tiny fishing hamlet on the west coast of Norway to set up a line to receive arms and agents from England via the “Shetland Bus.” ...
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Elias is a changeling, a man without hormones, emotionless. Emotional Modification Therapy has made logic and reason powerful, but new information questions the validity of the process. Elias has no desires. It wouldn’t be natural. Until a woman, Aloisa, walks ...
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The Sacred Flame

Duty or love? Dedication or passion? What if that choice cost you everything? It is the year 216 BC. Livia is a Vestal Virgin, a priestess of the goddess Vesta sworn to keep Rome safe through the obligations of duty, ...
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Even More Ketchup than Salsa: The Final Dollop

If the first six months of running the Smugglers Tavern had been a baptism of fire, the subsequent years were about as much fun as bobbing for apples in a vat of acid. Having swapped the tin roof of a ...
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More Ketchup than Salsa

When Joe and his girlfriend Joy decide to trade in their life on a cold Lancashire fish market to run a bar in the Tenerife sunshine, they anticipate a paradise of sea, sand and siestas. Little did they expect their ...
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Luna Rising

"Selene Castrovilla is a writer worth watching." —Jacqueline Woodson, author of Another Brooklyn, 2016 National Book Award Finalist, Fiction Forty-plus years after Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying comes Luna Rising: a digital-age tell-all tale for women searching for love—and for ...
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The Winter Queen’s Dragon

What’s a heroine to do when her dragon captor is not only her enemy’s best defense—but is also the man of her dreams? Deep in the north of the fae world of Underhill, Siobhan has been frozen for a hundred ...
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The Worst Country in the World

In 1787 a handful of people - convicts, marines and government officials - sail across the world to settle a new colony and call it New South Wales. In 1801 Mary Pitt, a widow with five children, migrates to New ...
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The Unlikely Adventures of Claudia Faraday

It got better, in time, though if she were to be truthful it always felt more of a duty than a pleasure: a little like homework, satisfying when over, and done well, but never exactly enjoyable. But then nobody had ...
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War, Spies, and Bobby Sox: Stories about World War Two at Home

As World War II rages across Europe and the Pacific, its impact ripples through communities in the heartland of America. A farm girl is locked in a dangerous love triangle with two Germans POWs in an Illinois camp ... Another ...
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Spiral (The Salzburg Saga, Book One)

One plane crash. One extraordinary faith. One million lies.  Book 1 of The Salzburg Saga Left to raise her three younger siblings at the tender age of seventeen, Nina Bishop is accustomed to solving problems. Now that she and two ...
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Staying Grounded

Graham Riley enjoys the laidback freedom of a pilot’s life—until one choice puts his career in jeopardy… Graham loves his job—it allows him to escape his troubled past and the stigma of being a murderer’s son. But after an altercation ...
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The Prince’s Son

Nessa Haddo has been raised to pursue what every young noblewoman needs: a suitable husband. Unfortunately for her, as a younger twin, her prospects are limited. Things start to look up when she lays eyes on the handsome foreign envoy ...
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Desprite Measures – a Caledonian Sprite novel

On the surface she's a cute and feisty blonde fitness coach. But Cassiopeia Lake has a secret: she's really a force of nature – an elemental. Scottish water sprite, Cassie, lives in human guise with her selkie boyfriend. It's all ...
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The Prince’s Man

Rustam Chalice, dance tutor, gigolo and spy, loves his life just the way it is, so when the kingdom he serves is threatened from within, he leaps into action. Only trouble is, the spy master, Prince Hal, teams him up ...
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When Secrets Become Lies

Life can throw a curve that changes your entire future. Philippa learns that she may not be who she was raised to be. When her parents are killed in a tragic accident no record of her birth can be found ...
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Soul Food

A woman dead in a derelict hotel. Hardly an unusual sight working homicide. Already under IA scrutiny, Blake must hunt the killer through a maze of cults, criminals, fake mediums, and things whose existence makes him question his sanity. All ...
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My Years of Magical Thinking

Lionel Snell is, in my opinion, the most lucid, coherent and insightful intellect to emerge from British occultism for some several decades, and in My Years of Magical Thinking he presents his most considered and powerfully reasoned work to date ...
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Angel Caste Book 1 – Angel Blood

Viv is on day release from jail to attend the funeral of the drunken thug she thinks is her father, when a stranger appears at the grave and offers to reunite her with the mother she believes dead. Desperate to ...
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A Million Bodies

When Professor Arthur Miles finishes his physics lecture on the meaning of time, Iris, his most rebellious student, argues against his definition of time arrow. Miles sticks to his guns, until the heated conversation with Iris takes an unexpected turn, ...
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Heart Hunter

Fleet is a young Sceadu hunter, strong, fast and fearless. She hunts deep into the forests and frigid, snowy wastelands in search of meat for her people. The seasons have faltered, robbing the rivers of water and fish, and plunging ...
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The Emerald Serpent

Etaine is an Eadar Ranger: white-skinned, black-haired and emerald-eyed. Sworn to protect, she fights the Fada, religious zealots determined to replace the Eadar’s Serpent Goddess with their own gods of stone. When the Ranger bands come together and Etaine meets ...
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A Time To Every Purpose

What if Jesus hadn't been crucified? For two thousand years the religions of earth have been united in peace and harmony, and humanity enveloped in Nirvana. But in the early decades of the twentieth century, natural disasters, famine, disease and ...
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In 1459 England stands on the brink of chaos. The most powerful nobleman in the land, Richard of York, and the weak king, Henry of Lancaster, prepare to settle their differences on the battlefield. As the rule of law breaks ...
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Flight Path

Kara Wright and Tien Tran, combat veterans of an elite intelligence unit, now make their living as Private Investigators. Often working the mundane, just occasionally they get to use all their former training. "I'd like you to make sure the ...
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9780992464172-Perfect (flight path).indd

Lethal Discoveries

After walking out of a traumatic past, Iris plays with science at in a cutting edge lab. Iris is innocent but her games are not, and when she comes up with a discovery worth big bucks the chessboard turns into ...
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The Mediator

“The Mediator” is a tale about unconfessed desires, power and self-destruction, hatred and love, and, above all, about imagination and its ability to mould reality.  In an unexpected night at a hotel on 5th Street, NY, Iris elicits a confession ...
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Article Three

Trust can get you killed - and trust can keep you alive. In a world where the System governs everything, Ava’s a rebel – one who can control other people’s thoughts with her mind. As part of a resistance movement ...
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Angels Bleed

24 Hours A remote country house. A dead body in a blood spattered drawing room. A 6ft square container next to the body. 24 hours A padded cell. A single chair bolted to the floor. A woman bound hand and ...
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The City of Refuge

Once the glory of Akhenaten's reign, the imperial city of Akhet-Aten now lies tangled in the raveled ends of old plots; wrecked, abandoned and rumored to be cursed. When Commander Khonsu is assigned to escort a royal delegation to the ...
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L-2011 (Future of London #1)

The Revolution Will Be Televised, Retweeted And Liked August 2011 The London riots, coordinated by technology and social media, have brought the city to its knees. Buildings are burning. Shops are being looted. Homes and businesses are destroyed. Two alternative ...
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Lifeform Three

Misty woods; abandoned towns; secrets in the landscape; a forbidden life by night; the scent of bygone days; a past that lies below the surface; and a door in a dream that seems to hold the answers. ...
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My Memories of a Future Life

My Memories of a Future Life is the story of Carol, a musician who finds herself living another haunting life in the future. She’s a gifted pianist who has never needed anything but her talent – until a mysterious injury ...
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Some Islands Don't Welcome Visitors. An isolated Welsh island seemed like the perfect escape for a convict on the run, a jilted woman, and a policeman seeking a quiet life. When the surly locals turn to murderous violence the three ...
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Harvest Festival

How Far Would You Go To Save Your Family? First the birds went quiet. Then the evening sky filled with strange clouds that trapped the heat below. Now Callum wakes, dripping in sweat. Something has come to his isolated Welsh ...
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They Move Below

Sixteen Tense Tales. One Sleepless Night. Horror lives in the shadows. It exists under the earth’s surface in ancient caves; below the vast sea’s undulating waves; under dense forest cover; within a storm’s thick, rolling clouds; downstairs in our homes, ...
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