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Self-Publishing Authors can Connect with Readers Inside their E-Books. By ALLi Social Media Manager, Karen Lotter

Imagine Indie authors and readers connecting inside their e-books – sounds like something way in the future? Well as we know on the web, the future is yesterday! I’ve just discovered this new connection platform is called  a WeJIT. Democrasoft’s WeJIT™ technology is now available directly to authors who are self-publishing their e-books. WeJITs, created […]

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Jeff Bezos, friend of indie authors

50 Ways To Reach Your Reader. # 2: Optimise Your Amazon Author Page

Amazon, the biggest book retailer in the world, was the first company to see the potential in retailing self-published work. Indie authors have reason to be very grateful to Amazon for their then radical move of presenting every book to readers in precisely the same way, whether it was an already-known author published by a corporate publisher […]

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How To Write An Email That Will Win You A Book Review. By Catherine Ryan Howard.

In the second of our posts on book reviews, Catherine Ryan Howard discusses the fine art of the please-review-my-book pitch email.  Catherine’s hilarious and insightful blog, Catherine Caffeinated, is a great resource for indie authors. And quite the giggle. I’ve written posts about what to do and—more importantly—what not to do when e-mailing potential reviewers of your book. […]

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Are You Good At Selling Books Online?

So, Are you good at selling your books online? Take the test and find out, says Nick Atkinson.  [from the FutureBook Blog] 1. Choose your book. Pick something that’s been released for at least a couple of weeks but it doesn’t matter whether it’s frontlist or backlist. Arguably a backlist title should perform better in this test […]

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How To Get Book Reviews

Trying to get readers to write a review is like getting your two-year-old child to take a horrible-tasting medicine, says ALLi member and regular contributor, Giacomo (Jim) Giammatteo. But it is possible and it is worth it.  In the first of a three-part series on reviews, he explains how he gets more than twenty reviews a […]

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Superb Self Publishing – the Motherlode for Overgrounding

Self publishing is at the cutting edge of the most interesting, radical and provocative writing that’s happening right now.  Dan Holloway comes up from writing his own great work to overground some others.  Underground, Overground… No, whilst they were a central part of my childhood, I’m not talking about the Wombles. In my last post here […]

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