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Sunday Success Stories – How I Do It: My Indie Author Adventure by Carolann Copland, founder of the Carousel Aware Prize

Today we’re travelling to Dublin to celebrate the achievements of Irish indie author Carolann Copland. As well as being an author-publisher herself, she is the founder of the innovative Carousel Aware Prize for Independent Authors, which offers the valuable prize of bookstore distribution in Ireland. In her interview, we discuss both her journey as a […]

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Sunday Success Stories: Best Value from $100 Book Marketing Budget

In our new occasional series on how ALLi members work together to mutual benefit, here’s an interesting case study from author Alison Ripley-Cubitt, describing how fellow ALLi novelist Jane Davis inspired her to spend her $100 marketing budget to best effect. This story was originally shared in our private Facebook group, available exclusive to ALLi members. […]

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How I Do It: Indie Authors Share the Secrets of their Success – This Week: J M Forster

British children’s novelist Julia (J M) Forster has got off to a flying start with her debut novel, Shadow Jumper, which sells consistently well while she works on her next book. Her success and down-to-earth attitude will particularly inspire anyone who is still at the early stage of their self-publishing career. It will also offer hope […]

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How I Do It: Indie Authors Share the Secrets of Their Success – This Week: Christine Nolfi

With a focus on writing books that she would have liked to be available in her local bookstore, author Christine Nolfi explains her beginnings as a now, best-selling author. How has Christine flourished? By keeping a strict writing schedule and self-publishing through Amazon’s Kindle Worlds. Read our interview in full to learn what Christine also thinks […]

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How I Do It: Indie Authors Share the Secrets of Their Success – This Week: Marie Force

Want more success? Write more books. Our interview with the lovely US indie and trade-published author Marie Force makes refreshing reading for all those jaded with the constant pressure of marketing.  It’s all in the books, says Marie. The secret of her mega self-publishing success, past, present and future, is all in the quality of her […]

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How I Do It: Indie Authors Share the Secrets of Their Success – This Week: Victorine Leiske

From Nebraska USA, Victorine Leiske, who is a New York Times bestselling indie author, offers down-to-earth and sensible advice on writing the best book you can – the single best thing you can do, in her opinion, if you seek self-publishing success. Over to Victorine… What’s the secret of your success? It’s funny, a lot of […]

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